November 17, 2005

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, blessed are those, who long after righteousness, and whose hearts are filled with love and forgiveness; for truly these are greatly loved and blessed by our Lord and God! My Dear Ones, I pray that you and I are all able to have such a spiritual walk as we go through this very dark world, and that we are able to walk in freedom, so that when our Saviour comes for us, we will have no spiritual indebtedness to others. As we look ahead, My Dear Ones, we can easily discern that great tragedies await the rebellious in this world, but we can also see that the great and wondrous blessings of our Lord and God for His Faithful from day to day and that His great day of reckoning is clearly at hand.

Yes, my Dear Ones, the Earth has never seen such troubling times; for these most evil ones are being cast down into this Earth now, and they are being systematically shut down from the Upper Realms. Satan has truly come down with a great wrath, with a great fury, and he is making war with the Righteous Ones and working desperately to cause them to fall any way he can. His assaults are unrelenting and he and his evil children are going to great lengths to cripple the righteous and to destroy the Kingdom of our Lord and God, as they also know that a day of great reckoning is at hand and that they have very little time left. And, in view of Satan’s great war against us, my Dear Ones, each of us must be more determined, from day to day, to fight the good fight, to walk in love and forgiveness, and to strive to do what is right in our own lives. For, Satan truly has truly come down like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

My Dear Ones, within the past few days, our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven has revealed the chilling plots of the evil, soulless, humans and the reptiles, the children of Satan, who are deeply entrenched in the affairs of this government and the governments of the whole world. What He showed me is very shocking and you can read the entire message below in the last of our Father’s messages. But, in a nutshell, I will now tell you a little about their most evil of plans. Under Richmond Virginia is an underground, and secret “government” group, whose purposes include massive mind control and chipping of human beings, all against the will, and without the conscious consent of those involved, massive torture and stalking through chip implants, and through other means of those, whom they determine to be their enemies. The name of this group is SKORPION!

This very secretive group is mostly made up of reptilians, who are parading as humans, but with a few humans, who no longer have any human souls, but who are under total mind control of these evil Satanic hoards. In addition to the above-mentioned tasks and goals of this very evil group, these evil children of Satan have hatched a very great plan! THIS PLAN IS TO BLOW UP THIS PLANET AND TO FLEE TO A STAR IN THE CONSTELLATION OF ANDROMEDA, WHICH IS CALLED TATARU, AND HAS 29 PLANETS. With their most horrendous of weapons, which include their electromagnetic weapons, they plan to blow up the Earth and to escape through one of two time portals, which will quickly take them to Andromeda.

This may sound like a bunch of science fiction to most of you, but be advised that this is not science fiction to them. The poor humans are made to believe that science fiction is just that, it is fiction, while these evil ones parade many truths in their science fiction movies. They show you how Scotty did “beam” them up, but these evil ones do not want you to believe that this technology has existed for a very long time and has long been used against unsuspecting humans. Rather, these evil ones would have you to believe that this is all fantasy, as they told you so; and when you hear such reports of people, who have been “beamed!” out of their houses, abducted, drugged and stuck with all manner of needles and when they tell of waking up with all manner of scoop marks, you are to mock and ridicule those, who speak such things and you are to call them insane! This is the programming of the masses and this is how all are taught to believe and behave!

My Dear Friends, it is tragic enough that such horrendous things exist in our society, but the worst tragedy of all is when family members get together and plot to put one in an insane asylum just because he or she reveals the needle marks and speaks of the seeing these saucer-like flying disks. Yes, then the kidnapping, the drugging and the horrendous treatment of these children of Satan pales, as family and so-called friends do worse than the Satanists, themselves! What a shame upon the face of this Earth when ignorance, hate and malice prevail in the hearts of those, who call themselves the Children of the Most High!

At the same time that many see these flying disks, these very evil ones in this government deny their existence, while they, themselves, fly around in them! They balk at the notion that travel outside this Earth is even possible; but they have long known of the shortcuts through the time portals, which enable them to get to other planets! However, my Dear Ones, they do not so freely go, or boldly go, but go as cowards and wimps on the backs of those of the holy seed, as their very low vibrations will not allow them access to these portals! So, for many decades, if not centuries, they have stalked those humans, who have a holy genetic makeup! These, they have continually kidnapped, and drugged, and/or mind controlled, or both; and these evil ones have repeatedly sent them into and through these portals, to act as guides so that these evil ones can thereby do their dastardly deeds!

These Satanic time travellers lay in wait for certain ones in certain “holy seed” bloodlines, even to be born, and begin to use them as little children, drugging them and sending them through the portals; and in so doing, they kill many, as their spiritual DNA makeup will not withstand the very harsh nature of the energy fields of some of these portals, and too, my Dear Ones, it is possible to get lost in these portals! And, so in the end, very, very few are able to travel these portals at all. But, these evil ones do not care in the least that so many beautiful children die in their great and avaricious quests for more power and greater exploits.

My Dear Ones, many people have scoop marks on their bodies as they have been kidnapped and drugged, and/or placed under mind controlled, while these most evil of perpetrators, take samples of their DNA to determine if they can make it safely through these portals! If they have the appropriate spiritual DNA, these unsuspecting souls thereby become night-time slaves, if they do not disappear altogether in a maze of their underground bases, to never be seen again, but to end up in cages, totally imprisoned by these most evil children of Satan.

And, my Dear Ones, all of these things are done while the masses sleep on, oblivious to what is going on right under their noses as the mind control, which they do on the entire human population is so great and complete. So, while many are baffled as to these scoop marks and other marks on their bodies, few find out the truth, that humans have long been guinea pigs and slaves for these children of Satan, who know no moral values and who see humans only as a source of slave labor and exploitation. And, they are now so in-your-face, my Dear Ones, and do not care who knows, as they mock the slave labor and as they torture and discredit and kill those, whom they do not like.

In recent years, many of us knew of a website, which was called UFOLAB and the owner of this site, Dennis Bossack, had a radio show, called DNA LIVE! As some of you may remember, I awoke one night many months ago, to see a cloth coming through the wall just above my head; and the one, who was pushing this cloth through the wall was Dennis Bossack, a fat bald-headed man! Along with him were approximately 15 out-of-body time traveller assassins, their spirits as black as night; and beside Dennis in a chair was a pitiful teenage girl. She must have been around 16 or 17 years of age and she had dishwater blonde hair. She was seated sideways across the chair with one of her arms draped across the back of the chair and she looked so very sad!

This young girl was being used as a time travel slave, drugged and mind controlled, to act as a guide for these killer assassins. She was a beautiful. and precious soul, who had the perfect DNA to act as a guide for these serial killers! She had been kidnapped, drugged and used against her will and then surely, her memory would be erased as regards all of these events. Perhaps, she would be able to return to her own home, her life a maze of unsettled emotions and subliminal fears, which she could not understand. But, then again, she may have been returned to a cage in one of their underground bases until it was next deemed that she would act as a slave for these evil people to carry out their heinous deeds! But, on that day, this young woman got a victory, whether she consciously knows it, or not. For, our Father in Heaven sent seven of these serial killers into the fiery inferno and they did not make it back to their bodies, to kill again. And, killer, Dennis Bossack, soon disappeared off the scene, his radio show shut down and his website gone as well. It appears that Dennis Bossack also got his own seat in the Lake of Fire.

My Dear Ones, most have never heard of such assassins, who are sent out via these time portals to kill and leave no trace. As I understand it, these killers are tortured when young and forced to leave their bodies, in order to escape the horrible pain. They are brutalized and made to hate and to kill and then used in later years as time traveller assassins. Some of you have surely heard of “The Vatican Assassins;” and they are called Vatican Assassins, as they work under the Jesuit general, the leading Satanist on the Planet, the one, who calls himself the President of the Earth! The work of these assassins is to kill, and leave no visible trace, and I am sure that these evil ones have killed many of their opponents, whom they want out of the way, and truly there has been no trace of the dastardly deeds. No murder weapon! No suspects, just “natural” deaths, and nothing more.” Yes, from all apparent purposes, these victims died of natural causes! The perfect murder! So, in this way, these evil ones go on killing and killing and through all their killing sprees, continue on with their god-like complex!

Yes, I know that this is indeed very hard for most minds to absorb and I, too, had to start somewhere, as I was ignorant of such things! And, this has been difficult for me to assimilate as well, but with passing years, I know more and more about how the operate; and I know that all of humanity is under terrible bondage and has been under terrible bondage for a very long time. But, as I have just told you, my firsthand encounter with these evil assassins began when Dennis Bossack materialized a rag and stuck it through the wall over my face when he came to assassinate me! What mockery and in-your-face scoffing! This high-level killer Satanist had a website, called UFOLAB and a radio show, called DNA LIVE. My Dear Ones, how much more plain can they get, and how much more in your face can one get in telling you what he is involved in and what he does for a living! Yet, how many of us caught this at the time, as he paraded guest after guest on his radio show!

And, while I am on the subject of the obvious ones in our society, who parade their evil for all the world to see, I must comment on what I heard last night on the Sean Hannity show, my first ever experience in hearing him, and surely my last! He announced more than once that he has an goal to bring “hard hitting” news and that he has made a “commitment,” a “solemn vow,” a “BLOOD OATH.” In repeatedly stating that he has made this vow and blood oath, this man is telling the whole world that he is a Satanist! He is absolutely in-your-face with his evil, disgusting, satanic radio show; and how many are the wiser! The only calls, which he allowed were those, who extolled his great virtues and who supported the Satanic Bush agenda, including the war for oil and greed in Iraq!

But, back to the assassin time travellers! Let it be known, that such time travel killing is just one of the stealth tricks, which these evil Satanists use to kill without leaving a trace. They also have many stealth weapons, which they continually use on the unsuspecting and these stealth weapons have now come into public awareness. A plethora of weapons, which are all designed to maim and to kill are now being steadily unleashed on people all over the world. Masses of people are now being mind-controlled, not just through TV, but through microwave towers; and many of the so-called dissidents are constantly being pummelled by deadly microwaves and hit with all manner of weapons, and all of them stealth. Many are succumbing, having never known what has hit them, as this is all done in secret and few are the wiser. But, my Dear Ones, it is time to get wise and to know that this planet has been taken over and for total destruction.

For, these evil hoards truly do plan to utterly destroy this planet, to blow it up with their most horrendous of weapons! Word is that their EMP weapons can truly destabilize the electromagnet field of this planet in such a way as to lead to the total destruction of the planet! And, these few, elite, evil ones now truly believe that they will get through one of the two possible time portals and escape the planet, leaving behind a blown up and fiery mess! And, they plan to take few slave human souls with them, but few indeed! They plan to leave behind all of their dupes, who were stupid enough to believe in their occult and secret societies to begin with, who now become just fodder for the fire!

Yes, this is their great plan, but our Father in Heaven also has as plan and they will not be getting out of either of these two portals. All of them will find their true place in the burning lake of fire, and sooner, rather than later! Their time is getting shorter by the day and so is the time for the rest of humanity! All will soon make their final choices, as to whether they will repent of their rebellion against our Lord and God and be greatly blessed, or whether they will go the deceptive and lying way of the Antichrist! The remaining years are truly short for all of humanity and the evil time of the antichrist reign is both fast approaching and fast coming to an end!

For those of us, who truly want to make it into the Kingdom of our Lord and God, we must truly forgive all and we must walk in the love and peace of our Lord and God. This is our great challenge as so many do evil and so many throw insults and dig wounds and enjoy doing so. But, we have been called to another walk, one of faith and obedience toward our Lord and God, and a walk of love and forgiveness, and in so walking in love and forgiveness, even for our enemies and all that they do, we also walk in freedom; and when our Saviour comes back for us, we will be clean and ready to go. My Dear Ones, this is the ONLY WAY. There is none other.

My Dear Ones, in Book Eleven, you will find more messages and these last messages also complete Book Eleven. I do hope that you enjoy the messages from our Lord and God and that you are blessed by them, as I have also been blessed. And, I hope and pray, My Dear Ones, that you live from day to day in love and forgiveness, ready for the most wonderful and beautiful day wherein our Saviour will return for us, His Faithful! Blessed is His Holy Name!

Yes, my Dear Ones, I have been through great tests and through great trials and Satan and his ruling hoards in the USA and elsewhere hate me very much, enough to track my every move, to listen in to my every call and to continue to abduct me and chip me and stalk me, moving ahead in their most determined way to get rid of me, but praises to our Lord and God, that I am still here. To Him is all the praise and all of the glory forever and ever! And, yes! As to the rumors, which the Satanists have spread, that I am a different person, I must say that I am indeed! I have forgiven many and seek to be filled with the love of God from day to day. I strive to walk in His love and peace and to be a perfect instrument of His Beautiful will. With each passing day, I love my Lord and God with a greater love and I truly am blessed beyond measure. And, so, Yes! I am a different person, for great trials and great tests have given me great blessings and I have truly known a Daniel walk as our Precious Lord and God has kept me and preserved me through great assaults and through many attempts on my life, which are on-going. So, for all things, I am thankful; and just as we are told in the Book of Daniel. These things, being the will of God, He will carry me through, but if not, and He does not wish to carry me through them, He will surely carry me home. Blessed is His Holy Name!

I send big hugs to you, my Dear Friends, and love to each of you. I do look to the day when we will all sing in the praises and glory of our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven! Yes, I so long for that day.

Until next time,

Jesus is our Beautiful Way,
Your Sis, Linda

Please Note:
Book Eleven has 15 Chapters and is complete, now.
Also, Book Twelve has 4 Chapters, now.

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