A Message For You


November 20, 2001


"Fast and Pray; for great darkness is upon the world!"

Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus, our Redeemer and Blessed Savior. I have been a little under the weather lately with an upper respiratory infection and I am behind on typing Book VII. I am also behind on many e-mails and ask you to bear with us a little longer if you have written and have not received a reply. We thank each of you, who prays for us and who have reached out to help with these works. You are precious to us and we love you as our Cherished Brothers and Sisters!

Beloved Ones, early this morning I woke myself up praying in tongues. I knew that something intense was going on in the spirit realm and I needed to get up and pray. After I interceded for a while, not knowing why I felt such an urgency in the Spirit, I checked our e-mail and I found that we had received a letter from Timothy Snodgrass, a Beloved Brother, a prophet and apostle, in the Philippines. Go to his site at http://www.thelordsarmy.net and you will read an urgent warning about war in the Philippines and a great need for intercessory prayer. I urge you to go to his site and to read what Timothy is saying; for this is the fulfillment of our Father's warnings about the New World Order invasion of Afghanistan and the Luciferian scheme to cause war between the Muslims and the Christians. The New World Order crowd must be truly rejoicing; for their plan is moving along as scheduled; but some of them are not going to be rejoicing for long; for the wrath of God is about to fall upon some of the enemies of God's people. When you read His message below, you will see what I mean.

Also, this morning, I received an e-mail from a Precious Sister alerting us of the grave dangers, which are currently being faced by 50,000 Christians in Indonesia. These Brothers and Sisters are in serious peril because of imminent Muslim attacks. Beloved Ones, how this saddens me! Please, I beg you, begin to intercede in serious prayer and fasting for Christians worldwide. Our Blessed Brothers and Sisters in Africa are greatly suffering, being driven from their homes, their land confiscated and given over to squatters. Christians in China and India continue to be persecuted and many are being killed in so-called "religious" wars.

Beloved Ones, what we are seeing abroad is at the door of this very country! The whole world groans beneath the weight of evil. "Father in Heaven, have mercy on us! Hear our cries! Reach out and touch our Brothers and Sisters in these oppressed areas around the world and provide them with great miracles. Father, hear our cries and hear the cries of Your Faithful in these countries. Reach out and touch Timothy Snograss and his precious family and, Father, bless them with great and mighty miracles from all sources. Touch our Brothers and Sisters in Indonesia, Africa, India, China, the Philippines and anywhere in the world, where they are suffering oppression. Touch those, who have been carted off to jail, and who have been beaten and robbed of their right to worship You and to serve our Lord Jesus. Father, Oh, Father, hear our cries! Pour out your miracles upon Your Faithful! Give them victory after victory over this evil! Open up the prison doors and set them free! Provide their every need! Father, comfort them and give them Your Holy peace, even in times of great peril! In the precious name of our Jesus, let it be so.

Father, reach out and touch every one, who comes to this site, who reads what is written here, that they will have a new resolve to serve You, that they will have a new resolve to do Your Holy Will, that they will have a new resolve to walk the Straight and Narrow. Father, put a great thankfulness in their hearts and make this Thanksgiving Season one in which you are Supreme in their homes and in their hearts. Father, bless those, who come to this site. Bless them and save them from the darkness of this evil world."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our Father's Message

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Hearken unto Me, My Little Child; for an increased state of war in imminent worldwide; and this instigated and promulgated war is a contrived war between the Christians and the Muslims. Have I not shown you the Luciferian plan to create this war, that both groups be diminished and brought under control of the New World Order? Herein is the test of the Faithful. For, perilous times are upon the Earth."

"Our Father, I see a rolling fire. It is an all-consuming fire. I stand amidst this fire and I see it roll forth, burning and consuming everything in its path. Father, what is this?"

"This is My wrath against those, who harm My Little Ones."

"But, Father, many of Your Faithful are being harmed right now. In Africa, war rages. In Indonesia, many have been tortured and killed. In China, in India, in the Philippines and on and on."

"Yes, My Little One, this is so and I have tolerated much; but the enemies of My people have not yet seen My wrath. For, My wrath shall go forth as an all-consuming fire. Soon, very soon, people around the world will see evidence of My wrath against those, who harm My people. Heretofore, many have known My deliverance. Many have seen My miraculous provision; but few have seen My wrath."

"Oh, Father, how will the world see Your wrath?"

"Through all-consuming fires. Through utter destruction. And, I shall break and take down leaders in high places!"

"Father, who will You take down?"

"I shall take down prideful and arrogant leaders of the New World Order, who believe that they are beyond correction. I shall take down congressmen and women in the USA. I shall cause trains to buckle, to collide and to destroy so-called "precious cargo." I shall cause confusion in the streets and mayhem in world governments. I shall wreak havoc with the terrorist plans of the US Government and of the governments of the world. I shall rumble and shake the Earth and people of large population centers shall perish. I shall cause strange lights in the sky and the sky in places shall look like a war zone. I shall cause the sleeping to fall into a deeper sleep; and I shall cause My Faithful to rise and do mighty exploits. I shall send parching winds and violent snow storms. I shall cause greater storms than man has ever known and I shall whip the seas with My fury. I shall consume ships and burn the lands with a blistering heat. Plagues shall consume many and pestilence shall consume crops. I shall lay waste to the enemies of My people and no weapons shall prosper against My Elect.

"I say to the winds, ' Go forth winds!' And, I say to the devastating fires, 'Go forth, fires of devastation!' I say to the worldwide calamities, 'Go forth, worldwide calamities!' And, I say to the proud and arrogant of the New World Order, 'I shall break you as matchsticks, one by one, and I shall throw you into the fiery furnace!'

"I say to you, My Child, take My rod of judgement and pound the White House seven times. For, a month will not pass until those, who conspire evil therein, know that the fury of the Most High God Jehovah is upon them!

"Father, I take Your Rod of Judgement and I strike the White House, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven times and each time Your rod hits this building, I see great explosions of white fire in the Spirit. I see the white fire go out into Washington and it hits the US Capitol with great sounds of a roaring and consuming fire. I see tables overturned in the Capitol and chairs overturned and what appears to be a whirlwind inside the capitol. I hear burning, hissing and cracking and I see several people cut down instantly as they are caught up in the whirlwind. I see the top of the capitol and it is swaying, and making sounds of hissing and spitting, like a boiling caldron. Than, I see great darkness. I look upon the Potomac River and there is great darkness, yet even in this darkness, I see the reflection of the devil in the River as he stands behind me looking over my shoulder; and He says, "I win!"

"I feel the power of God rise up in me and as I turn to see Lucifer begin to flee. I stomp his tail. Fire comes from my foot and I see an explosion of light go up his rear end. He turns and blows fire and I say to him, 'Devil, I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus Christ!' Immediately, I see a wall appear between me and the devil and it is shiny, like a glass wall, but thick. And, as the wall goes up, I can no longer see this evil serpent.

"Oh, Father, I fear for Washington. I fear for the White House ; for I see that Your judgement is upon them. I fear for those, who started this war for greed and for the eradication of Christians and Muslims. Father, I fear for their souls."

"My Child, do you not believe that those in the White House know that black is black and white is white?"

"My Father, I cannot say what all people believe in the White House, but surely most know that black is black and white is white."

"My Child, even evil knows that its works are evil. Nevertheless, the evil ones parade their evil as good. The terrorist bill has been passed for the 'good' of America; but its intent is to strip you of your rights. This is evil parading as good. My Little One, many innocent souls will die because of this evil bill and many will be persecuted for the sake of truth. But, I say to you, My Child, that even as it rises, this evil system is coming down. I say this day, 'Woe, woe, woe to the Bushes and to your cohorts in crime!' For, this evil will explode in your faces when you expect it least!'

"Go, My Child, in peace, knowing that I provide for Mine; but many of the fakers are about to have a very rude awakening. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of November, 2001,
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Beloved Ones, below you will find the urgent prayer request for those in Indonesia. Please fast and pray for peace among these warring factions, and for God to bless, protect and deliver His people from oppression. Pray, pray, pray, for we are about to see a great escalation of horror upon this planet when God's wrath falls upon the enemies of His people. "Father, have mercy! We are sorely pained by the violence, which is upon the face of this planet!"

Carol, thank you for passing this along to us.

Jihad Threatens 50,000 Christians;
Urgent: Immediate Prayers Requested
November 19, 2001


Note from Bill:

This e-mail arrived Sunday night from Alice and Earl Vanlandingham of Washington D.C. They have forwarded the following urgent messages from Christian friends of theirs who are in danger and in need of prayer in Indonesia. Please join your brothers and sisters in Christ in these prayers. Include and involve your family, prayer chain, prayer group, Bible study, or workplace in praying for these Christian people in Indonesia.

Alice and Earl:
I just got this urgent message from Dr. John Dekker. John was the missionary first into the Dani Tribe in Irian Jaya in 1960.
He and his wife Helen remained there for 21 years. He is a member of Partners International. He is constantly close to the
Indonesian situation. He is a close friend of mine and when he has a message like this, it is necessary that we need to pray
immediately for God's intervention and protection on behalf of so many Indonesian Christians. Elzie

Letter from Dr. Dekker:

Dear Friends,
The district of Poso, Central Sulawesi, is under attack as I write this! (It is Saturday evening in Indonesia).
Over 50,000 Christians are in terrible peril, as I write. The Islamic Jihad are attacking, and the situation is critical. Unless there is a miracle, many lives will be lost.

I have just talked with Christian leaders in Tentena, and they are crying out for help. They are desperate for food, medicine, and PROTECTION. They are completely surrounded and request our prayer support.
Please bring this situation to the attention of as many intercessors as possible as these Christians are in imminent danger. If the Jihad terrorists break through, there will be great massacres. The Jihad are well-organized and well-equipped. This request is of utmost urgency, and we must pray that the hand of the Lord will stop these disciples of bin Laden from doing their evil deeds.

Please call on your friends and churches everywhere to begin praying now that the Lord will intervene to prevent these Islamic terrorists from endangering these Christians.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In Closing, I would like to express my great sadness at seeing the hoards turn out, and pay handsomely, to see a witchcraft movie called Harry Potter. If this is you, realize that you are making your choices for God moment by moment, day by day, or you are making them for the devil. Every person, who went to this movie, to have their minds infiltrated with witchcraft, will suffer spiritually. I warned a couple not to go and not to take their child, but they would not listen! Their marriage blew up the very next day and they separated. When any of us willingly takes into our mind things of the devil, we open a door for demonic possession and demonic infiltration of our homes and all, which concerns us. Be warned. The devil is out to steal, kill and destroy!

Beloved Brothers and Sister, go with the love of God in your heart! Thank God for the blessings He has given you. Thank Him for His blessings upon you and upon your household. Thank Him for every day of peace which we have in this land; for every day of peace is truly a gift from God.

"Father, we thank you for the dear and precious brothers and sisters you have brought to us through Your works. Bless them with all that they stand in need of. Fill their hearts with Your lovingkindess, hope and joy and use them mightily in Your works. In the Precious Name of our Jesus, let it be so."

Jesus is our True Life and our Only Way home,

Your Brother and Sister through our Beloved Jesus,
Dennis and Linda

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