A Message For You

November 21, 2003


Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greeting to each of you in the Beautiful Name of our Lord and God! What a delight it is to see what our Lord and God is doing in the lives of many of you! He is doing an awesome thing! As each of us looks to our Lord and God for our sustenance and as we continue to come away from the traps of the world, we are giving ourselves over to a greater anointing of the Spirit of God. It is truly a time to dance and shout; for the enemy is being smitten at every turn! Praises to our Father in Heaven; for He is full of love and mercy!

Next week, we will bring you another message in which we hope to share with you some of the beautiful blessings, which our Lord and God is giving to His Loved Ones. But, for now, you will receive the meat of the word from chapters Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen of Book Nine! Get ready for some shockers!

We still need these works translated into Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese, in particular! If you are willing to help with these translations, please let us know. Those, who help with these works are surely blessed by God and deeply hated by Satan! This means that you are doing something wonderful for our Lord and God and for our Brothers and Sisters! Don’t miss your blessings because you are holding back! Together, we must charge forward. Time is of the essence!

We thank each of you, who continue to help us in any and every way! We send each of you the love of our hearts and big, big hugs!

Jesus is our Beautiful Life!

Your Brother and Sister,
Dennis and Linda


PS Now, go and read chapters eleven, twelve and thirteen of Book Nine!

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