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October 29, 2001 Beloved Ones, we were to post this back on October 19th ; and we had it typed and ready to go. However, our internet provider was bought out by another company and we had problems in the transition.. In the meantime, we received prophetic words from two other prophets, which are highly significant. They are posted toward the end of this update. We are over a week late in getting this message to you, but we know that it is more meaningful than ever!




October 19, 2001


"New World Order war against America marches on!"


"Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Hearken unto Me; for My message is urgent for the American people. Another explosion of greater proportions is at hand.

"My people, will you repent? Will you come out of the world and forsake the works of the devil? Will you obey My commands? I continue to plead with you; but so few listen!"

"My Father, as I was praying this morning, I saw a great explosion, which created a huge fire and all around and near the fire were may 50 gallon drums. Father, what am I seeing in the spirit?"

"This explosion is planned for a key military post within America. And, this is another job, which is being planned by the New World Order, by the very same New World Order crowd within this very government. My Child, the communist alliance worldwide is set to ride the globe. The Red Dragon is spitting fire. There is a weak alliance among Europe, the USA, Russia and China; and their main objective is to kill off the worlds' two main religions, which would oppose this New World Order. These are the Muslims and the Christians. This will leave the Catholics and other freemason religions, such as the Mormons, along with the Buddhists and others for the New World Order crowd to contend with. They know that these religions are no contest; for they are not devoted to their faith in sufficient numbers to have power. I know, My Child, you believe that many Mormons are devoted; but they are also blind sheep, following the blind. Therefore, they have no power and are no threat to the devil and his plans."

"But, Father, why are these New World Order schemes coming about so quickly now?"

"The devil knows his timeframe and he and his drones are all but kicked down into the Earth."

"Father, when you say, 'all but kicked down,' what do You mean?"

"I mean that the devil still has access to My throne for a while and he and his are still allowed interdimensional and interplanetary travel for a while longer; but soon, very soon, these avenues will be closed. Some of these avenues are already closed."

"Father, who was the creepy vagabond in my dream early this morning, who broke into our house?"

"A pawn of the US government spy organizations."

"But, I took what appeared to be a rod and I beat him into submission. Once, I beat the fire out of him, I took his wallet, which had several rusty keys, including several skeleton keys and a single dollar bill. Then, I threw him out. But, after a while he came back, wanting his wallet; for he said that he was hungry. However, I told him that he would never get it back and if he were hungry he could go to http//www.prophecies.org and there he would be fed. Then, I threw him out again and secured the entrance through which he came in."

"My Child, this is so and just this morning, I put the rod of judgement in your hand, which is My rod and this rod now judges the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA."

"Father, how will they be judged?"

"They will be recipients of My wrath and the one, who has been so bold as to stalk you and to enter into your home through stealth and cunning will suffer a broken neck. He will be thrown off his pedestal and his work will be no more."

"Oh, Father, I do not see how so many could be so deceived about the work of these secret organizations, especially those in them, who take secret oaths to uphold a satanic government. And, Father, in speaking of this satanic government, I ask you to explain somewhat about the Jesuit General, who many say is in charge of all the intelligence operations of the whole world, among other things."

"My Child, the Jesuit General is Lucifer's head."

"Father, when you say, 'Lucifer's head,' what do you mean?"

"As My Son, Yeshua is the head of My work in the Earth, this general is the head of Lucifer's works."

"Is he the antichrist?"

"He is certainly antichrist."

"But, Father, is he the one?"

"My Child, does it snow in July?"

"Not where we live, but perhaps at some place on the Earth."
"My Child, does it snow in July where you live?'

"No, my Father, it does not."

"Then, this is your answer."

"So, Father, he is not the antichrist?"

"My Child, see the flowering Peachtree."

"Yes, My Father, I see it. This is a huge tree and it is full of blooms. But, what does this have to do with the antichrist?"

"My Child, what comes first, the bloom, or the fruit?"

"The bloom."

"Well, know this, My Child, the kingdom of the antichrist is a strong tree and to the world, it appears to be a beautiful tree in bloom, a long-awaited bloom. And, very soon, it will bear fruit, much fruit. But, this is a dark tree, not a beautiful tree. And, the fruit is bitter and full of rotten pith. This is a foul tree and soon, very soon, this tree shall bear the fruit of the antichrist worldwide. When you see the obvious fruit appear, know that the antichrist and the antichrist, alone, is the author of this fruit."

"My Father, is the antichrist not known?"

"He is."

"But, Father, has he not been ordained?"

"He has, but not made public."

"How long before he is made public?"

"When the obvious fruit is seen all over the world."

"But, Father, when will the people all over the world wake up to this?"

"When the concentration camps and the guillotines are made known to all."

"But, how long?"

"Soon, much sooner that you think."

"Father, have the recent anthrax scares been orchestrated by the very same ones, who bombed the towers and the Pentagon?"

"They have."

"But, you said that a series of biological warfare attacks is coming to the USA, which is not orchestrated by this government."

"I said it."

"But, when?"

"When you see the next round, for it will be severe and unlike this round. This anthrax, which was sent through the mail, was done by your own government, so that they could gain access to all mail and to pilfer through any and all mail, detaining whomever and whatever they please, based on suspicion. Remember the plans of Lucifer to destroy all Christians; and this will be easy on a wide scale; for most Christians are asleep. But, the antichrist fears those, who have powerful spiritual walks; and he wants to make the lives of these faithful ones a living hell. But, when he comes to harass and steal and kill some of Mine, he will suffer utter defeat and loss. For, I fight the battles of My Faithful.

"My Child, get this typed and posted on the site today that all may be warned. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of October, 2001,

Linda Newkirk

Beloved Ones, our Father says He will judge these areas very soon.. Repent! Come before God and weep for this land that The Most High God, Jehovah, will be merciful!

    1. Washington State
    2. The White House
    3. New Orleans
    4. The Canadian Parliament
    5. Los Angeles … beware LA Airport!
    6. The NSA, CIA and FBI
    7. Greater judgement for the congress of the USA

The following is a prophetic word from Timothy Snograss, who is an anointed apostle and prophet. Read what he is saying about God's judgement upon America.

On October 19th, Juliet and I traveled north of Manila to visit the former Clark Air Force Base, which is now called the Clark Economic Zone. This was our first time to visit the base, and as our vehicle arrived at the checkpoint, we were greeted by five armed guards who motioned for us to pass through the gates. To my right, I noticed a large sign which read "Air Force City". As we drove through the former military base, the lush green fields were littered with dozens of hotels which had long been deserted. Indeed, this was once a bustling city where thousands of U.S. troops and airmen once called 'home'; who had lived, loved, and died for their country on this land. Looking across the empty valley as the sun began to set on the glistening green fields, sharp mountain peaks rose in the distance; jagged volcanic works of art which U.S. pilots flew over in days long past. As our vehicle pulled over to the side of the road, it seemed that I stepped out not upon Philippine soil, for the soil radiated with the spirit of America, and the history and spirit of a fair-skinned people who had once come, and had now gone from these islands. As my wife and I returned home, I fell asleep and dreamed about a great land across the sea: America. I wept for America, and for the changes which will soon visit her. I was rashly awakened from the dream by what felt like a hammer striking the earth. Jolting up from my bed, I looked at my wife, and then my two children. They were curled up like a ball of twine, sleeping soundly. Perhaps I had imagined the jolt. While dreaming, it was as if the majestic mountains in America had begun to shake from being struck by an invisible hand, and the rolling hills were cast upwards like an insignificant pile of sand. My eyes were open now, and I was fully awake and alert. Interceding for America, I began to sing: "Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain. For purple mountains majesty"...I sang, I wept, I travailed.

What was coming to America so quickly?! And could this earthshaking event be stopped? I had many questions. No answers. The very soil in the Philippines wept for America. The trees cried out in travail, and the wind whistled a warning. Lightning flashed in billowing black clouds, as I wept and sang: "America, America, God shed his grace on thee. And crowned thy good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea". An era for America has now ended, and a new era is about to begin when God's hammer strikes the earth.

Within hours after Timothy Snodgrass had the above dream in the Philippines on 10/19/01, a 7.5 earthquake shook the Banda Sea in Indonesia, just south of the Philippine Islands. Timothy and Juliet celebrated their 3rd year anniversary on September 11, and were scheduled to re-take their wedding vows in a formal wedding on 9-11, but the wedding was moved up to Wednedsay, October 24 (Tuesday U.S. time). They will be having an outdoor wedding ceremony in a beautiful botanical garden. Approximately 70 people will be attending, some flying in as far as South Korea. The Lord has wonderfully provided a white angelic wedding dress for Juliet, a gorgeous little white dress for 4-month old Esther, and a handsome white suit for 1 1/2 year old Joshua. Please remember this couple in prayer on 10/24/01 (10/23/01 U.S. time) for heavenly weather for the wedding, a visitation of the Holy Spirit, and that the Lord would open up a path in the Red Sea for a new beginning for this family. Al

though most of you cannot be present at their wedding physically, you can be with them in Spirit. Remember them in prayer. If you would like to bless them with a wedding gift to help with the ceremony (they need a miracle to cover food catering, wedding cake, etc.), gifts can be sent to them electronically through Paypal at <A href="http://www.paypal.com/">www.Paypal.com</A> (using the e-mail address: <A href="mailto:thelordsarmy@hotmail.com">thelordsarmy@hotmail.com</A> for ID), or by Western Union (using MANILA as the 'expected pick-up location', and Timothy Snodgrass as the 'recipient'). The ministry's mailing address in the U.S. is: Timothy Snodgrass P.O. Box 463, Kimberly, OR 97848</P>

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I appeal to you to help Timothy financially. God will bless you for your love.

Brother Terrell's words

A few days after we received Timothy's letter, we received a prophetic word from Prophet David Terrell. At the top of his newsletter are the words, "World Depression Lies Ahead." This sermon was preached at Fort Payne, Alabama on August 29, 2000. He said the the word of the Lord came to him in four hours of visions. He went on to say that "as we closed out the year 2000 that there would be hovering over the face of the Earth a world dearth. America is going to have a crash. I know people don't believe that. I know its hard for you to believe that, but its still so."


In Closing

Beloved Ones, the whole world is unstable and is only going to get worse. Money will not save you. Things of this world will not save you. People will not save you. Only our Lord Jesus can save you; but you must get right with God. You must clean up your life spiritually and put God first in your life. You must come out of the worldly traps and get grounded in the word of God. You must repent before God for your wrongs and make a new determination to serve Him with all your heart. Each day that you let your spiritual life drift off course is just one more day in which the devil digs in more deeply. Each day that you will not pray is just one more day that the devil has more say in how you live. There is not time left in which you can ramble spiritually; for you can plainly see that the world as we know it is crumbling fast. Those, who are not spiritually grounded in our Lord Jesus, will be as the shifting sands of a riverbed. They will be swept away by the rushing currents of adversity.

The world is troubled. The people the world over are troubled; for uncertainty lies at every turn. The only stability we have is God. The only anchor we have to God is our Lord Jesus. If we will not give up the shifting sands and anchor our Life to our Lord Jesus, we will all be swept away by these great tides of adversity.

All that we have known in this country as stability will soon disappear right before our very eyes. The constitutional rights, which have safeguarded our freedoms are all but gone. The homeland gestapo will bring martial law to this land and each and every one of us is a possible terrorist; for any and all, who will not go along with the Luciferian plans for world dominion are enemies of the state.

There is about to be a great purge of Christians worldwide. Those, who are expecting to be raptured out and not have to suffer, are in for some very hard times. This bold-faced lie is going to cause many to fall away from their so-called Christian faith. Many are going to throw in the spiritual towel when they are carted off to the concentration camps or faced with war in their very back yard. Those, who do not have faith now will surely not have faith when these great trials come knocking on their front doors.

Beloved Ones, let these words sink into your minds as a grave warning. We are about to see upheaval in this land as we have never seen it before. And, make no mistake about it, this is the judgement of the Most High God Jehovah. Whether this judgement is carried out by the Satanic government, which rules this land from the top, or whether it is carried out by Islamic etremists, it is still God's judgement. He has always used the barbaric hoards and those of pagan religions to judge His errant people and we will see the same thing again. But, do not get angry with God when you see this country fall! Get angry with yourself! Get angry with the preachers, who have arbitrated God's word and watered it down to suit the masses! Over and over, God has warned His people to repent or suffer His judgement; but, alas, so few have repented, and many, who have repented, have gone back tosleep.

Help God's Anointed!

I am pained over and over to see God's anointed servants struggling financially. Over and over, we have witnessed this and this is a shame! It is a disgrace to see God's prophets and apostles struggling, while the whore churches prosper. Yes, the whore churches are prospering financially; for they tell people what they want to hear. They feed them palatable words, lest they offend them and lose the offerings. But, God's true servants, who warn and warn and warn, suffer; for few want to hear the truth. Many are offended by the truth as they would rather believe a lie. This is a shame upon this Earth!

How many of you drive new cars? How many of you live in new houses? How many of you eat out several times a week and spend, spend on your every whim, but you will not help God's servants? How many? Yet, over and over we see God's blessed prophets and apostles at poverty's door. Brothers and Sisters, I am ashamed of this behavior and the Most High God is repulsed by it. Do you believe that your greed will get you into heaven? Do you not know that your every behavior and thought is recorded? Do you not understand this? When your time is up on the Earth, the Most High God and His Precious Son will show you your life and you will not be able to escape how you have lived! I appeal to you to help God's Anointed prophets and apostles. God will bless you mightily; and if you will not help, you are truly missing your blessings!

God loves a Cheerful Giver!

We are so very grateful for those of you, who have helped in these works. You know who you are and we thank God for each of you! I pray that our Beloved Father in Heaven blesses you abundantly, far more that you can ever expect or imagine!

As we are able, we help others with what you send. We help some of God's struggling servants, who come across our path; and we reach out to help others in need.

We just addressed and mailed out a prophetic word from our Father in Heaven. These letters went to 543 churches in the Little Rock area. Just to address these letters by hand took many days. We could not have done this without your help; for this cost, alone was several hundred dollars. These letters will be either a blessing to those, who receive them; or they will bring great judgement.

My Son dreamt that seven tornadoes struck Little Rock, Arkansas and destroyed the city. He said, "Mom, what do you think this means?" I told him that this is God's judgement. When the churches receive these prophetic words, they will be blessed, or immediately judged!

Beloved Ones, remember the gift of our Father to us. He sent His perfect Son to bring us the gift of salvation, knowing that He would die a most horrible death. Our Beloved Jesus came willingly and lovingly, knowing what would come to pass. Jesus is our gift of love and He loves each of us more that we can ever possibly know. He is pained to see us chase after the vanities of this world, lost in sin and rebellion.

Our Father in Heaven does not cherish judging His people, but when so many are lost in sin and rebellion and will not receive chastisement and repent willingly, He judges them completely. Please, I beg you! Repent! For, the time of great judgement is at hand.

If you would like to help with these works, we gratefully and humbly accept what you are able to give. "Father in Heaven, look upon those, who help with these works and bless them mightily. Keep them safe and show them the way that they know your presence in their lives from minute to minute, from day by day. Guide them in Your Ways; for Your Ways are most certainly higher than our ways. Prepare them for greater works, Father and show them what they must do to prepare for these most difficult times ahead. Thank you, Father, for each and every one, who is faithful to you. Fill the spiritual cup of each one and cause it to run over with an abundance of Your Spirit. In the Blessed name of Our Precious Jesus, Father, hear this prayer. Let it be sealed in the Earth as it is sealed in Heaven; and let it bear fruit this day."

If you wish to help with these works, send to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117

Jesus is our Precious Life and our Only Way home,

Your Brother and Sis,

Dennis and Linda

PS Below, you will read the letter, which was sent out to 543 churches in and around Little Rock, Arkansas. We mailed this out on October 28th, 2001.




September 17, 2001

Jer. 6:13-16 "For from the least of them even into the greatest of them every one is given to covetousness; and from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely. 14. They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying , peace, peace; when there is no peace. 15. Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? Nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush. Therefore, they shall fall among them that fall. At the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the Lord. 16. Thus saith the Lord, stand ye in the ways and see and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein." (Holy scripture given by our Father in Heaven on September 17, 2001, to accompany His prophetic words below.)

My Beloved Child, hearken unto Me this day and write as I say, that these words may go again into the churches. For, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God; and I say to you now, that the wicked will be wicked, the lost will be lost, kingdoms will come and go, but My word shall not fail you.

Yea, My Child, set your face against the churches and set it against them like stone; for My word has gone out to them, sent by you, My anointed and chosen servant. Yea, in July of this year, these words were sent; and I have beheld the responses. I have beheld the proud and the arrogant! I have beheld the slothful! I have beheld the "holier than thou;" and I have beheld the "tried and true", who have read, understood and received. Yea, in spite of what you believe, My Child, all is not lost; for a few have heard. A few have seen and a few have understood.

Yea, this day, My Child, let those with the eyes to see, see; and let those with the ears to hear, hear. Let those with a heart after Me, understand that My judgement is upon this land. Let those, who hunger and thirst after righteousness rise up and take the staff of righteousness. Let them eat of the Bread of Life and drink of My Living Waters. I know who you are; and I say again that you are few, indeed!

When war strikes this land, en masse you scramble for your fox-hole prayers. As a nation, you cry out, "How great we are," and you turn a blind eye to the real culprits within this very government. Yes, indeed, the New World Order is on the rise and the wise will be quick to see the real culprits; but those, who whore after the world and what is in it will soon line up to take the "mark."

I have warned the Shepherds of My Flock to repent and to bring My people to repentance; or I would destroy this land with war, pestilence and plagues. Have you listened? Have you? Nay! The greatest numbers of you have not! I warn you now that my prophetic words, which were penned by this apostle and prophetess in July and sent to you, stand to judge you. Yea, they stand to curse you or to bless you.

Get ready; for I am sending a revival upon this land. It will not just hit Arkansas, but it will hit here and there all across the USA; and it is not now, but very soon. When you see the factories close en masse and the farmers flee to the city en masse and when you see great devastation across the land, with wars all around this planet; when lines of people gather, for their pockets are empty and they have no food or shelter, then and only then will My people humble themselves before Me to weep and howl for this land. Then and only then! Yea, when suffering hits your home, you will weep and howl for this land!

I am ashamed of America. You stand amidst My judgement and bellow, "How great we are! How great this land is! It will not fall!" But, I say to you, "America shall fall!" It shall fall with a roaring thunder and the whore churches in this land shall fall with it.

Do you hunger and thirst after righteousness! Have you given up the lusts of the world! Nay! Very few! For, you live comfortably off the fat of the land!

I tell you now that My judgement shall only intensify upon this land! Are you ready to do your part? Will you set aside your differences and gather to weep and howl for this land? Will you weep for the sins, which hold this land captive? Will you?

I have told Mine anointed to stand by for those, who will come forward to weep and pray for this land. I have told Mine anointed to get ready to pray with a few of the meek and humble, who love Me with their all, and do My will daily. Yea, a few will come forth and when you do, I will bless you mightily. I will hear your cries. I will honor your prayers and you will bring revival to this land. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 17th day of September, 2001, Linda Newkirk









Beloved Servants of the Most High,

On the morning of October 03, 2001, while I was standing at the sink washing dishes, I saw an angel of the Lord standing atop God's Holy Mountain. He held a trumpet in his hand and he was sounding this trump. When I later asked our Father in Heaven why this angel was sounding this trumpet, He showed me that great plagues are being poured on the USA and around the world. He told me that hundreds of thousands will soon die of these plagues within the USA, if the people do not repent in a great way. He also said that greater terror is coming upon this land, and if the people do not then repent, nuclear war will surely devastate this land.

In the fall of 1998 and again in the Spring of 2001, this country was closer to nuclear war than most will ever know; but in both instances our Father extended His hand of mercy. However, we are entering into a time wherein His judgements will become increasingly greater. We will soon see the Antichrist rise in Europe! If people will not repent in a great way, we will not escape an escalated destruction of this world.

Many believe that Lucifer and his pawns have orchestrated the latest round of destruction, but they do not realize that Lucifer is carrying out a much higher plan and that plan is the plan of the Most High God Jehovah. We are seeing God's judgement upon this land!

If the people will not humble themselves and repent, God will send increasingly greater earthquakes, hurricanes and even an asteroid impact. But, even then I fear that many will not repent; for in the Book of Revelation, we are told that even in spite of all the destruction, plagues and great judgements from God, that people still do not repent.

My husband and I are called to warn the people and we both hope that you will receive the words of our Father and repent and cause the people in your church to repent, that we may be spared some of God's great judgements. We belong to no group and represent no church. We only wish to carry out the will of God and we wish to bring God's people back to Him that their souls do not wind up in hell!

If you feel led to be a part of a prayer group for revival in this land and if you wish to gather here and there a few, we will meet with you and we will pray with you. We will weep with you and we will beg for God's forgiveness for the sins of this land. If you wish to repent of your own sins and need someone to pray with you, my husband Dennis and I will pray with you.

Our Father in Heaven recently showed me a rather large group of pastors, who had assembled for deliverance. I pray that this happens soon; for we have received numerous letters about pastors, who are lost in all manner of porn, lusts, greed and so on. If this fits you, realize that it is not too late for you to repent. We all fall short; but through the saving grace of our Lord Jesus, we are made whole. Now is the time to get right with God, to confess your sins and to seek deliverance through our Lord Jesus. Many sins seem insurmountable when they are kept secret, but confession is part of the healing process, which any troubled soul must go through.

Jesus wants us to be free and He wants us to bring every lost sheep back into the fold. But, there has been a great breakdown in the churches wherein many have become lost in the sins of the world and the Spirit of God has forsaken them. Many churches have taken the 501 (C) 3 tax number, agreeing to uphold a "satanic" government and agreeing to keep silent about government policy, to not talk against porn and a long list of other hideous kinds of agreements, just for money. This agreement with a "satanic" government has put a stranglehold on the churches and the preachers have willingly become silenced for money. By any definition, this is a whore church. If this is you, just remember that you do not have to enter into a covenant with the devil.

If these words concerning a "satanic" government seem strong to you, you need to study the works of such "secret" societies as the freemasons and understand how they work. You need to read of the blood oaths, which all must take and learn of the god, which they worship. From the very highest levels of these secret "satanic"organizations, they worship Lucifer, yet those at the lower levels are often duped. But, it would seem that when these at lower levels take increasingly more severe oaths, agreeing to have to be disemboweled, and to have their hearts ripped out if they tell of these events and ceremonies, that they would begin to suspect that something is not right. But, alas, belonging to such organizations has monetary kickbacks and prestige. These "satanic" organizations engage in human sacrifices and defilement of the human body at the very highest levels, which are all requirements for those, who serve the devil. You need to understand the occult layout of Washington DC and you need to understand something of the secret societies, such as the Bilderbergers, the Counsel on Foreign Relations, the Skull and Bones society and on and on.

Beloved Ones, these "secret" societies, who have entered into blasphemous covenants with Lucifer, now rule the world. Part of the freemason oaths require their members to hang a jury before they will convict a fellow member, even if this person is being tried for murder. When you understand the nature of these secret societies and their secret oaths, you will come to understand why many in Washington literally get away with murder. It is impossible to understand the horrors of this government without understanding how these secret satanic societies work.

I have read many times that the very president of this land belongs to the Skull and Bones, a super secret society, which is said to be the Thule Society by another name. This very Thule society is what empowered Hitler to come into power. Hitler, himself, often spoke of a New World Order and I have read that George Herbert Walker Bush spoke of a New World Order no less than 200 times when he was president. This very Bush family played a role in putting Hitler into power through the Father of George Herbert Walker Bush. This information is readily available on the internet search engines for those, who are interested.

Once you get a handle on these secret societies and how they operate in stealth and cunning, with impunity, you will never view this government in the same way. You will come to understand why prayer has been taken out of the public schools. You will understand why these same secret groups control the media from the top; and you will understand and see mass media for the mass mind control tool that it is. You will want to protect your minds and the minds of your children from satanic mind control television and movies; for you will realize just how close we are to the reign of the antichrist.

If you have believed what you have seen on television and in the controlled newspapers, you are most likely comfortably asleep. However, even now, many are seeing that this "satanic government" will not save them. Many are waking up to George Bush's comments that those of the world, who are not with him and his counterparts for World War III, are against them.

Just this morning, we received an e-mail, which said in effect that concentration camps are now good investments in the USA. Yesterday, we received an e-mail, which was interpreted from the Russian newspaper Pravda; and this article went on to tell how martial law had been implemented in the USA. Do you know that when martial law is implemented the constitution is technically suspended and that FEMA is given power to rule the land? That's right, the constitution is technically suspended! All this has been made possible by massive numbers of executive orders, which were signed by past presidents, taking away all the rights of Americans in time of conflict. William Jefferson Clinton signed huge numbers of executive orders designed to take away the freedoms of Americans. Go and read them for yourself! You will be shocked!

Many do not know that the national guard has been called out here and there all over the USA to guard certain installations. And, most do not know that the skies all over the USA are now being patrolled by NATO planes. That's right. NATO planes are patrolling the skies all over the USA!( For more on this and the real reasons for this war, http://www.rense.com, on the internet has outstanding information.) Does it give you comfort that the skies over the USA are now being patrolled by NATO? Well, if it does, remember the NATO atrocities in Yugoslavia. Today, they patrol the skies, but tomorrow NATO will patrol the streets. In visions past, I have seen NATO make war against America!

We hope and pray that you will wake up and see the direction, which this country is headed in. We pray that you will repent and cause the people in your church to repent. We hope and pray that the people in general will wake up to what is going on in the world and come back to God in sufficient numbers, that we may be spared some of the horrible devastation, which is upon this land.

Please, if you feel a burden in your heart to help bring revival to this land, get in touch with us. We will pray with you and we will pray for you. We are not set up to take a volume of calls, so we respectfully ask that you write us a brief note at the following address, listing your telephone number; and we will get back with you.

We pray that our Father in Heaven blesses each of you with a new resolve to serve Him in great and mighty ways and that He anoints you anew to do great and mighty works in His Holy Name.

Jesus is our Precious Life and our Only Way,

Linda Newkirk

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