A Message For You


September 3, 2002

"America is Fallen!"

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus! Since we last visited, so many beautiful experiences have taken place in our lives! Some of you, who have written in concern for our welfare, will be glad to know that we are both doing very well! Our Beautiful Father in Heaven has truly been with us, repaying those, who set out to take advantage of us and to kill us. Later in this message, I will reveal how our Father has given us mighty victories over our enemies just as He has promised!

For almost three months, our Father in Heaven has had me doing a very special work in the Spirit. I do not feel free to go into this work, but if and when our Father chooses to reveal it, this will be shared with you. Just know that it is a very beautiful work and an extremely important work and until now He has not allowed me to update this site. I know that this work in the Spirit is only going to intensify for it is a vital work and I do not know how much time it is going to be taking, but I will update as often as possible and hope to get Book VIII finished soon.

Beloved, a few weeks ago our Father in Heaven spoke to me one morning and He said, "America is fallen!" All that day, my heart mourned as He continued to speak to me about how the rogues, thieves and murderers have overthrown this government and we no longer have a representative government. At 2:50 in the afternoon, I looked outside to see the most unusual light. The sky was cloudy in all directions, but around our house, and out for about 100 feet, was a light, which was like the light of near sunset. As I looked out, I could see that the light was making arcs at its boundaries, here and there through the trees, for it covered our house and land around our house in a circular pattern. This light was the most amazing thing and it did not go away for quite some time!

Within about an hour of seeing the manifestation of this light, I went out to water the plants and began to pray in tongues as I went about the watering. Suddenly, our Lord Jesus appeared to me and I will not tell you all that He said or showed me, but only what He told me to share with the radio audience that day. (Thank you, Stew Webb for arranging this appearance and thank you, Nancy Kornike, for having me on your show!) At any rate this is what our Lord Jesus told me to tell the people. He said: 1. "America is fallen!" 2. "My rod of judgment is upon the backs of George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr., Cheney and Rumsfeld." He then said, "Who can stand up under the rod of My judgement?" 3. He said, "Tell My people to repent. The first round of the harvest is very near!" When I asked him, "How near?" He said, "Weeks and months." 4. And, lastly He gave me a golden key and said, "This is My key to open the hearts of My people. Pray for My people!"

Beloved, go back and read His words again and take them to heart. In the second message from our Father in Heaven, which is below, you will see again His words that America is fallen! Prayerfully prepare your hearts, for this country and world, as we know it, is all but gone!




"Beware the Greys!"

August 30th, 2002

"My Beloved Child, hearken unto Me! Behold My words for you today, for they are laced with My love and heavenly guidance for My Children. My Little One, through the words of My Son, each of you has been warned of the severity of these times. You have been warned of wars and rumors of wars and you have been warned of earthquakes in diverse places. You have been told that these days, which are upon you, can be likened to the days of Noah and to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

My Child, let us speak of the days of Noah, wherein a flood overtook the whole Earth, and most perished. As you know from your studies, My Child, the return of the Planet Niburu was responsible for the flood. But, recall as well, that the heavenly watchers had also left their stations. They had mated with the human women on Earth and in so doing had produced giants. All around the world was gross corruption, stealth, cunning, lying, stealing and murder. And, in a few hours, it was all destroyed.

In the days of Sodom and Gomorrah was utter rebellion and idolatry. Men with men and women with women, blatant rebellion so severe and animalistic that the whole of the area was irradiated, destroyed by nuclear weapons.

And now, My Child, you come to the current day, wherein these same kinds of foolishness are taking place. The fallen ones, Lucifer and his hoards, have mated with the humans, and all against their will, as in the days of Noah, and hybrids, many hybrids have been produced. My Child, in years past, the Spirit of God revealed these things to you and you wrote of them, warning the people that there would come a time wherein these hybrids would be brought forth. And, they would be used to help do away with all humans. Why? Because they are as automotons and they lack a conscience. They have been bred this way. All among them, who possessed too many human qualities as regards love and compassion, were straightaway done away with.

My Child, as you know, their plan is to enslave all humans on the planet, who are left after this planet is once again flooded by the passing of Niburu. Here and there, you are bearing of their plans and they are coming through what is called "channeling." Listen, My Child, the days of Noah and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah are now. These hybrids now number into the hundreds of thousands and they are capable of mating with humans; but through the regressive genes, hideous beings will come forth. BELIEVE NOT THE GREYS! For, as you know, they are indeed the fallen ones, the reptilian ones in disguise. You have heard tell of their skin tight suits and their goggles, which they wear to protect themselves from the sunlight, for their habitation is underground. They live in tunnels and burrow into the ground as ants and have a similar mentality. But, finding the humans fair they have traded technology with them, collaborating with them, while their fellow humans turn a blind eye to their evil works. Knowing the rampant greed among humans, they have worked side by side with them and they have manipulated and used them. But, My Child, those, who trust them are utter fools. The "Greys" are no different from those, who are called the reptilians. They are the reptilians and because they have lived within the Earth they must shield themselves from the light. They are creatures of darkness. Understand?

"Yes, my Father."

"My Child, it is a lie that they have come from a faraway planet. And, it is a lie, a great lie, that they are out to help humanity in any way. They have come forth as servants of Lucifer, as pawns of Lucifer and his elect, and they are here to conquer, to kill, to murder and further enslave the remnant of mankind. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, know this, My Child, at the time of the great war in the heavens, in times past, they were cast into the Earth and they are now just as much a part of the Earth as humans. They have thrived within the Earth for they are creatures of darkness. Yet, of late, has their master, Satan, Lucifer, the Dragon, been cast into the Earth and now you see the battle escalating.

Yes, My Child, they know that the planet is returning. This is correct information. It is not coming from the coordinates they indicate, but an illusion is coming from these coordinates. So, beware! They have given intricate details of all parts of the Earth, which shall be safe, and which shall be inundated with water. There again, some truth and many lies!

My Child, listen to Me. I AM GOD! I AM THE MOST HIGH! I AM THE CREATOR OF ALL! Through My very hand, I am able to delay this planet. I am able to speed it up and I am able to slow it down. I am able to protect whole cities and whole continents from devastation. Therefore, My Child, only I know what areas are safe and what areas are not safe. I tell you now that I shall protect large areas for love of two or three of My Faithful. And, I shall totally inundate and destroy whole cities and large coastlines, even island areas, because of rampant rebellion. Yes, My Child, Niburu, the Lost Planet, is near. It is very near and billions of people do stand to perish. But, I shall never forsake My Faithful. I shall never forsake My Loved Ones. It is true that many of Mine will come home, but My Pure of Heart will go on into eternal life. They will not taste death! But, I tell you, My Child, the Pure of Heart are few and far between.

Yes, My Child, as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, a nuclear holocaust of mighty proportions is upon the world. And, just as Lucifer is planning it, all countries are lining up against Israel, the country, and my House of Israel, the USA. And, even though corruption is rampant in both countries, they both harbor My Beloved. They both harbor My Faithful. They both harbor My Tried and True. I shall fight on behalf of My Loved Ones. I shall intervene over and over and I shall give them mighty and unparalleled victories over the evil ones. They shall not win with guns or wars, but through My supernatural intervention.

Yes, My Child, I am the Victor and I shall not sit idly by and see My Loved Ones annihilated by the devices of evil. Even as I speak, My Child, My judgement is upon the Earth. My judgement is upon those, who call black white and white black. My judgement is upon the rebellious. But, to My Faithful I say, "Do not fear! When you see al these things upon you, do not despair. For, truly, your redemption is at hand.

My Child, post this on the current Message for You and post as Part II of the next chapter of Book VIII. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of August, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

Beloved, on the internet there is much information, which is "channeled" the "Greys". Please do not believe everything they are telling you. Be very suspect. Yes, as our Father in Heaven says, "There is some truth," but it is mixed with many lies. Why would anyone believe kidnappers, rapist and even murderers? Why would anyone believe those, who hide in the dark and take advantage of others, making them do things, which are totally against their will. Beloved, beware!

Some time back, Dennis found a video presentation on the internet by David Icke. On this presentation, which was in 1999, David Icke showed a tape of his interview with a Shaman in Africa. This Shaman spoke of the greys and also the reptilians. He told of how utterly evil the reptilians are and also related that the people of the jungle periodically find the "greys" dead in the jungle. He told of how they wear grey suits, which can be cut off with a sharp instrument and how the black eyes are only goggles. He also said the people of the jungle refer to them as "pinkey-pinkey" for their skin is very pink. He also said that they have pupils, which go straight up and down, much like a snake. Up until now, I have not asked our Father if this is so, but He came forth with answers to questions I had but never asked Him.


"America is Fallen!"

August 27,2002


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, I have heard your cries on behalf of My people. Yes, My Little One, they are perishing for lack of truth, but through their own ignorance, through their own blindness and deafness, they have chosen to perish! Soon, the very streets of America will run red with the blood of Americans. Your president shall fall to the sword and another of equal cunning will step forth!

Rogues, thieves, murderers, child molesters and those, who are full of every kind of chicanery, have overthrown this republic. It has been a slow and systematic process; but know, My Child, as I told you weeks past, "America is truly fallen!" Your liberties, which were once safeguarded by your constitution and Bill of Rights, are gone! Your congress is a policing board in name only! Every dark and foul deed on the New World Order agenda is rolling forth upon your backs like a mighty steamroller. Those of you, who believe that you still have freedoms, are among the blindest of them all. For, you have no freedoms under the current system. America has fallen, just as surely as a lead ball, when it has been dropped to the Earth.

The years have passed when you could have done something to change this destructive course. Because the masses have slept on in a stupefied state and still sleep on, they shall not see what is upon them until they are fully enslaved. The few, who are awake and fighting for what is right and according to My laws, will be left to educate those, who are blind, deaf and dumb, when and if they decide to wake up!

I tell you, My Child, that any and all forms of resistance shall be met with deadly force. And, through their spying mechanisms, those in power fully intend to route out any and all resistance before it ever has a chance to surface.

Yes, My Child, it is a bleak picture. I have shown you already how the execution trains are running. I have made you see how dissidents have been systematically done away with for some time, all with great secrecy. But, My Child, what is about to happen, none are prepared for. I say, "None." For, you cannot imagine the horrors, which are planned for any and all dissidents, for any and all, whom they deem as terrorists. There are absolutely none that they will not seek to do away with in their bid for control of the world.

Through terror and more terror, through wars and more wars, these evil hoards will advance and they will step over the bodies of their own kinsmen to reach the top of the heap. But, I tell you, My Child, judgement is Mine! Even as you see the evil system rise and even as you see a civil war break out in America with massive arrests and internments, even as you see violence in the streets and famine at the doors of many, know this: I AM GOD! There is no task too great or too small for Me! Around the world, I am setting up My own government in the Earth and this government is to rule with My Son. Kings, Queens, Holy Servants and Warriors! These, I am calling forth to fight on behalf of Me and My Son and My causes of righteousness, and through the mouths of My Faithful shall be spoken great and mighty judgements. Yea, at the feet of My kings and queens, armies shall fall! Bridges shall fall! Airplanes and spacecraft shall explode in the sky! Soldiers shall become confused and disoriented and they shall perish! Doors of concentration camps shall fly open and I shall let My people go! Yes, My Child, it is a time of great and mighty miracles for My people and it is a time of great and mighty judgement against Lucifer and his drones!

My Little One, many a knee shall buckle beneath the power of My Anointed and many shall fall to rise no more because they come to lay a hand on My Chosen.

Fire and war! War and fire! This is ahead for America! Those, who have shamelessly killed and destroyed for power and greed shall be mercilessly killed and destroyed for power and greed!

Yes, My Child, the attack on Iraq is well underway. It matters not to the Bushes and to their loyal supporters who concurs with this war; for they are drunk with power and greed! They are blind and deaf, goaded into their own destruction, caught up in a whirlwind of darkness. But, I tell you, My Child, they will not win! They shall not win, but shall lose on many fronts. And, out of this senseless war, the President of America shall take a hit. He shall fall, a product of his own insanity. But, to those in power, it shall little matter; for this war does not value life; but power and greed. Yet, in the wake of the death of a President, his own Father shall also take a hit. He shall fall and so it shall go!

My Little One, some time past, I told you that I would turn evil brotherhood upon evil brotherhood. The secret societies, which have been held together like glue, through their allegiance to Lucifer, shall turn upon one another like rabid dogs. Little One, you are seeing this beginning to take place now. Remember this, My Child. Lucifer has no allegiance to anyone. He is a liar, being the Father of all liars, and he will devour anyone and everyone in his bid to control the world. He has no allegiance to anyone and will do away with his so-called "Obedient and Faithful" at the wink of an eye. Yet, they have foolishly believed the Father of All Lies. They have foolishly and blindly become his servants and slaves, only to find that their heads are on the chopping blocks.

Yes, My Child, the Bushes, the Cheneys, the Rumsfelds and the Ashcrofts of the world had better look around themselves and they had better take a long, a very long and hard look; for among them are those, who are ready to take them all down at the drop of a pin. My Child, assassination plots are rampant and they are directed toward those of leadership in your country. Those in power are foolhardy enough to believe that if they spy on the populace enough, they can control any and all before they, themselves, can be had! Oh, what folly! For years, they have bedded with the enemies. They have taken and they have bribed! They have used and they have bought! They have traded! Yes, My Child, they have been thick with the enemy; for each and every one of them is a traitor to the American people. Therefore, My Child, they are all your enemies, terrorists, elevated to the positions of power! But, now, My Child, they have among them many, who are their enemies! Every branch of this very government has been infiltrated by enemies of America and by enemies of those, who are now in power. Therefore, My Child, as they rush to invade Iraq, all for greed and power, they forget the total infiltration of this very government. They forget that liars cannot be trusted; for like them, they will say one thing and do another. They will profess to be one’s friend while they stab one in the back. Yes, indeed, they have many, who profess to be their friends and they are ready and waiting with the sword, ready and waiting to slay them. My Child, every one, who has sold out America, ought to be afraid; for they will all be sold out by their own so called ‘friends!’

I tell you, My Child, in the wake of this Iraqi war is great bloodshed. Great bloodshed for certain ones in position of power and great bloodshed for America. My warnings to My people have never been more dire. Calamity upon calamity, waves of calamities, are about to hit the entire world. Those, who do not have Me and My Son at the center of their lives, shall perish in utter darkness.

Yes, My Child, the planet is headed this way and sooner than most will ever believe. It is a matter of very, very few years. On top of this, you have world war, a world economic collapse, world famine, antichrist torture, governments collapsing, the introduction of the mark and more.

My Child, never have times been so perilous for the whole Earth. But, I tell you, My Little One, I shall not leave My people high and dry! For, never in the history of the Earth has there been such a great outpouring of My Spirit, of My power, as what you are about to see emerging! For, My very own system of government is being set up amidst the Antichrist rule and through My very own, I shall bring forth a rule with rods of iron until the enemy is whipped and utterly defeated through the return of My Son. Yes, My Child, these are perilous times, but for My Faithful, these are times of great and mighty miracles!

My Little One, it is now time to update the Message for You. Put this on the current Message for You and place as Part I of the next chapter. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of August, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

Dear Ones, I do not believe that George W. Bush has to die! Right after he took office, our Father warned that if he did not walk the Straight and Narrow that he would die by the sword. I still believe that there is time for George W. Bush to turn around, but if he attacks Iraq, I fear that there will be so much international hate directed toward him that he may very well seal his own fate. Beloved, pray that he wakes up and stops the nonsense! I do not want to see this man perish!




"Interdimensional Doors"

July 02, 2002

My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Beloved Child, what you have seen today is taking place all over the Earth. Highly evolved beings have now taken their place within the Earth and they are awakening as to their true nature. In unison, these Chosen Ones are working to spiritually strengthen the Earth and to bring it to its next level of spirituality. So few realize that the Earth is living only because it houses a very beautiful and highly evolved spirit. As mankind has emerged and grown spiritually, now at the point of a sizable harvest into eternal life, so has the Earth grown and it has come to this point, wherein it, too, will be moving on up to a higher level. Those highly evolved beings, who have been handpicked and chosen by Me to help the Earth in its transition are called regulators, although they are most assuredly beings of a very high order. These regulators are interdimensional paths, or doorways. They cannot be separated from who they are and they are coming into full consciousness that they are the divinely placed doors or portals through which many souls will pass on into eternal life. These doors are truly hollow tubes, which are pulsating with My holiness, with My holy fires, and they draw to them those of like mind. Those of opposite minds, or those, who are devious in nature, or lackadaisical spiritually, will not be drawn, but will be repelled by the light of these doors. At the entrance of every door is My Son and behind each door are the Elders, the very Seven, whom you have seen often. These interdimensional "doors" are all "wayshowers." They point the way back home, which is through My Son. These doors are all radiant with a blue, purple or white light."

"Yes, Father some of these doors are red and some have strange signs and symbols."

"Beware the fakes! Beware the illusion and deception; for the doors into eternal life are all the same. One cannot enter into eternal life, save through My Son. Many will pass through doors into great illusion, into outer darkness, and into hell, itself. The time has come, My Child, wherein I must warm My people of these doors. Let it be known that much of the spraying now is to hide and cover up these doors. These doors can often be seen with the naked eye as radiant holes in the sky. They can often be seen on film and by cameras and the evil ones are working feverishly to hide the presence of these doors; for they pose questions, which they wish to hide. Some of these doors will be bright, like a small sun and when people see them, they will ask many questions. Some, who see them, will be frightened. These doors do not emerge from outside the Earth, but on the Earth through the Chosen Ones. These doors, when opened, pass through the center of the Earth, and on into other dimensions. These very regulators are working to save the planet; for if it is left to the evil ones, the very spirit of this planet will perish. But, because of My love for the spirit of this planet, it will not perish, but will evolve upward through My help, which comes via these doors. I speak it again and I warn all to beware of the doors of illusion. Beware of the false and the other worldly. The evil ones are full of trickery and many will be deceived. No one and I repeat "no one" passes through these doors and into eternal life, save they go through My Son, Jesus, yea Yeshua.

My Little One, much is coming about quickly, very quickly now, and it is not good to let the right hand know what the left hand does, for deception is about. I continue to warn all to come out of the world and to live righteously; for My Son comes for you when you do not expect it. Many believe that they will be raptured out and not have to suffer; but I tell you that all will be tried and tested as to their faithfulness and the purity of their hearts. Therefore, be warned!

Yes, My Child, there is coming a new Earth and those, who are pure of heart will live therein. Those, who are left behind on the old Earth, will live through unbelievable slavery and torture. Yes, the old Earth will pass, but its dross will remain for those, who love evil and deception and yes it is all part of hell."

"Oh, Father, this is very deep."

"Yes, My Child, it is deep. But, did the angels not come to you a few days past and bring you much meat of the word, which is being given to My people?"

"Yes, Father, they brought the greatest amount of meat I have ever seen."

"Then, know, My Child, I am going to give you much, which has been hidden for a very long time. Much of it has never been known in the Earth at all. And, My People, who hunger and thirst for the meat of the word, shall eat and they shall drink and they shall hunger and thirst no more. Now, My Child, we shall stop with this for now. Add to the next "Message for You" and also put at the end of the current chapter, yet to be typed."

"Thank You, Beautiful Father. I love You so!"

"My Child, you are one of My chosen ones, and I love you greatly. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd of July, 2002,
Linda Newkirk



Dear Ones, you may remember our Father’s warnings to the churches of the world! He said that what we were witnessing in Argentina, we would see beginning to move to other countries in South America. To date, we have seen several countries in South America come into serious financial times! Most recently, a thirty billion dollar loan was made to Brazil, reportedly the largest loan ever through the IMF to any country. Not long ago, I was reading on Rense.com that Mexico is also in serious financial trouble, selling off their possessions, just as Argentina did before their collapse! You may also remember how our Father warned the churches of the world about an impending world economic collapse! Beloved Ones, what are we witnessing right here in America? The economy of the USA is in shambles! The social security fund is robbed! The pension funds are being robbed! Multibillion dollar companies, hoards of them, are now bankrupt. Trillions of dollars have been lost, robbed, moved out of the USA and the stock market traders are still wild! We are totally bankrupt as a nation and getting deeper in the hole daily. ARE THESE NOT PROPHECIES FULFILLED? ARE WE NOT LOOKING AT A WORLD ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, THE VERY COLLAPSE, WHICH OUR FATHER WARNED US ABOUT LAST YEAR? How long can they hide the sun with their hands?

Now, we are facing a world war! Did our Father not also warn of this? Those in power and shouting war, war, war! Cherished Ones, we are about to see another prophecy fulfilled! We are facing a world war. Our Father has warned that if we attack Iraq again we will not win, but will suffer a devastating blow!


As those of you know, who have followed these messages, we have encountered utter greed and fraud at all levels of the mobile home industry and the insurance industry in this state. In our fight to be compensated for the loss of our mobile home, which was wrecked on the interstate, we have seen those in the state government of Arkansas turn a blind eye to massive fraud in the mobile home industry. As it turns out, the Attorney General has known about this massive fraud for years and has chosen to do nothing! The wife of the Governor is a spokesperson for the mobile home industry. The insurance company set out to rip us off severely and in the end we just settled, knowing that they were stealing from us, but we understood that our Father in Heaven would fight our battles! On every level of the mobile home industry, we have encountered utter fraud and know at this point that this state has absolutely no laws to protect the consumer from this kind of fraud, but looks the other way and supports it!

Early on, our Father in Heaven said that He was going to give us a mighty victory and we are beginning to see this mighty victory on many levels. For starters, the man, who wrecked our home and lied about it, is on the end of God’s judgement stick. As we understand it, he met an 18 wheeler on a bridge, and being unable to stop, hit the bridge with a mobile home and very quickly after that lost his license to haul mobile homes in this state!

Our Father in Heaven said that the insurance company, which set out to defraud us and cut deals with the mobile home repairman to rip us off, would go under! And, it was not more than two or three days after He told me this that I read that this very company is in serious financial trouble and headed South!

Our Father has shown me the fate of the insurance adjuster, who lied over and over, and set out to steal from us and did steal, but not as much as he wanted to steal! I would not want to be in his shoes. In addition, I have seen the judgement rod of God fall on every person in government, who was made aware of this fraud and has turned a blind eye. ALL THESE JUDGEMENTS ARE TRULY THE FULFILLMENT OF OUR FATHER’S PROMISES TO US! FOR HE SAID THAT HE WOULD GIVE US A MIGHTY VICTORY OVER OUR ENEMIES. To Him is the praise and glory forever and ever!


As some of you may remember from the last update, the evil ones in the federal government tried to kill me and Dennis back in the Spring by microwaving us through our house! We did in fact become nauseated from the attacks and felt quite ill, but again our Father in Heaven moved in with a mighty victory. As some of you may remember from the past update, our Father in Heaven told me to take His sword and slice and dice the 13 story anathema space station. He also told me that I would read about His judgement. And, it was not many days later when I read that a couple of the space shuttles had been grounded as they had significant cracks. A few days later, I read that they had all been grounded as they all had cracks and that they could be grounded for up to five months! Praise God! To Him is the praise and glory forever and ever! If they do not want to fall under God’s judgement, they should not try to murder His Faithful!

At that time, our Father in Heaven also told me to take His sword and divide the Clinton/Bush whore house, the white house. Since that time, we have heard Bill Clinton come out speaking against Bush and accusing him of the terrible economic mess, which this country finds itself in! THESE ARE TWO PROPHECIES FULFILLED!!!


Within the last two weeks, I saw the rod of God’s judgement hit the evil ones where they hate to be hit, in the communication industry. As it stands, for many years, the evil ones in this very government have persecuted us over the telephone. They have listened to our conversations. They have butted in on our conversations. They have cut us off in the middle of sentences. They have shocked us over the phone and have burned my skin with frequencies, which they sent over the phone! About two weeks ago when I was praying with my Brother on the telephone, they cut me off for the second time within a two or three days and it just so happens that they cut off a prayer between my Brother and me. When I tried to call him back his line was busy and I felt that he was still praying, unaware that I was cut off. When I hung up, the telephone called me back as it often does, as this is part of the tricks of the spying elite. When I said, "Hello," it sounded like I was speaking over a loud speaker in an auditorium. This really made me very angry and I began to pray in tongues, the prayer going out as if in an auditorium. I found myself in the Spirit with the Rod of God in my hand and some people were getting the brunt end of it. A few minutes later as I tried to call my Brother again, his line was still busy and I continued to pray. Again, I found myself in the Spirit with the Rod of God in my hand and this time it struck a satellite. When I tried to call my Brother again, after the second rod incident, I still could not get through. But, this time all the circuits were busy and they continued to stay busy every time I tried to call him for many hours. The next day I called him and he told me that he went into a bank and they were without service, believing that an underground cable had been sliced.

Folks, as I understand it, service was disrupted to the whole area code. And it just so happens that a very large airbase is in this area. Whether this airbase was effected I do not know, but, I believe that our Father got the message across! They should stop persecuting God’s people if they do not want His judgement! They should stop trying to kill God’s servants if they do not want to fall under the judgement of the Most High God Jehovah. He is patient and He allows persecution up to a point, but when He has had enough, He moves in with a complete victory. These evil ones stand on notice that they had best back off and leave God’s Loved Ones alone. They stand on notice that we do not fight these wars, but God in His mercy fights them, and to an ultimate and total victory! To our God Jehovah, (Yahweh) is the praise and glory forever and ever! What a beautiful, precious, and wonderful God we have!




A few days ago, I was reading of the upcoming conference of the global elite in South Africa. In the article was an intricate description of the thousands of pounds of steaks and lobster, shellfish and exotic fish, which the elite would consume. The chef reportedly stated that the attendees can order on the spot what their hearts desire

In the same article, I saw a picture of a beautiful little child drinking water from a spigot and the article told of how the villagers, who live in shanties, line up for water at this solitary spigot. Yet, the elitist would be drinking untold amounts of bottled water at their conference, lest they catch something from the commoners.

As I read this article, I felt a deep sadness creeping into my heart! I cut off the computer and wept for these poor people and for these precious children, many of whom are probably going to bed hungry. Just thinking of the unbridled greed on this planet and all the wealth in the hands of a few, who are getting greedier all the time, brought a great sadness in my heart and I wept bitterly for them. As I wept, I began to cry out to God, telling Him that this is not right.

As I continued to pray, I soon realized that I was in the Spirit and the Rod of God was in my hand. I do not remember how many times our Father in Heaven told me to hit this conference with His Rod, but it was a few. And, until yesterday, I had forgotten that His Rod of Judgment had fallen on the conference of the power brokers and the world "elite." However, yesterday when I read that the conference was filled with utter dissention and that some had walked out as they could agree on nothing, I said, "Praise You, Father! You, alone are Most High and You, alone are Holy. To You is the praise and the glory forever!"

Beloved, I am telling you of these judgements of God so that you will not despair when your life in shambles and you wonder how you are going to make it. I am telling you these things so that you will put your trust and faith in our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus and trust them to fight these bitter battles, in which you may find yourself. We are in a spiritual war and it will be won through the Spirit of God. It is war that cannot be fought and won in the flesh. But, to be worthy to have our Lord and God fight our wars, we must honor our Father in Heaven by obeying Him. We must continue to cling to Him and to our Lord Jesus with all our strength and love our Father in Heaven with our whole being. We must put Him first and think of Him all the time. We must praise Him and thank Him for being with us and for providing for us. We must reach out and love Him completely, trusting Him to deliver us from our enemies and to protect us from all harm. Beloved, this war is only going to escalate and without our Lord and God at the helm of our ships, any of us will drown in the great waves of adversity.

Know that God loves you. Know that you are precious to Him and to our Lord Jesus! And, know that He will never leave or forsake you. Therefore, Dear Ones, do not forsake our Lord and God; for if you do you may find yourself in the camp of the enemy, cut off from God through your own choosing. If you continue to put our Lord and God last and if you continue to choose the world over Him, at your time of need, He may be slow to respond. Do not put yourself in this position. Know that all that is in this world is passing and even the Earth is changing and moving on up. Don’t continue to choose the world over our Lord and God; for our Beloved Jesus is coming back when few, if any, suspect. Therefore, Dear Ones, stay prepared. Your soul’s destiny depends on your choices.

We both send our love and we thank you for being patient while our Father in Heaven has had me doing this special work.

Jesus is our Beautiful Way home,

Dennis and Linda


"Father in Heaven, bless these people, who come to this site!"

NOTE: Today, September 03, 2002, while I was in prayer, our Father in Heaven told me that the swarm of small earthquakes in California would soon lead to a major quake in that area and that an associated quake in the New Madrid fault would soon follow.

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