A Message For You

Sept 5, 1999

"My Precious Brothers and Sisters, I trust that this correspondence finds you well and at peace with our Lord. Things are really picking up as summer winds down and we follow into fall. We are getting some strange reports of extraordinary military activity around the nation; and we continue to be watchful, as we know that martial law is in the works. In the last of the three segments, which have been given by our Lord, (below), you will see what He has to say about these schemes."

"I call out to each of you with an increased sense of urgency to get your spiritual houses in order. Do not continue to put off the spiritual discipline you need in your lives! Our God is very strict in His expectations of us. He is full of love and mercy, but is tired of slouchy spiritual attitudes! Hear what I am saying! There will come a time very soon when this period of grace will be shut off! You heard it right. Our Lord has been hinting this to me for some time, but made me see this very clearly through the words of another prophet. You will read his words at the end of this message.


Following are three messages from our Lord, plus the words of Prophet David Terrell. Read them all and take them to heart. We are available for prayers and are still sending out prayer handkerchiefs for healing. If you need prayer, get in touch. We love you and want to do what we can to help you; but most of all, our Lord and God loves you. He does not take joy in punishing any of us, but He has made it clear that our time is running out!

We have also received questions about the coming war and whether it will affect other countries. If you read the prophecies, you will see that this world war will go into Europe, Russia, China, Australia, India, the Mideast, the USA, Canada and other smaller countries. But, there shall not be a single country, which comes out unscathed. So, take note that the warnings regarding the USA also concern the world. The warnings, regarding the USA and Y2K, also concern the world; and most countries will even be worse off than the USA because they are without adequate manpower to fix the Y2K problem. So, let all be the wiser and get prepared both spiritually and physically. People are going to be hungry, without adequate food, and without safe water! And, this is going to happen worldwide!



"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus. Hear me this day! You must post this soon to My Beloved Children, who seek Me, across the Internet site. For, I have many, who are now drawn to this site for spiritual nourishment; and I would have them fed."

"Now, My Child, see that I am bringing you high upon My Holy Mountain, where you receive of the purity of My word; and you are bathed in My Spirit and the pure light of God. My Child, write as seen and given that all may be the wiser."

"Yes, my Lord."

"My Little One, take a seat on the rock, which is My Rock. I am the pure, white rock and unto you shall flow My words for all."

"Yes, my Lord, I am ready to write."

"My Child, many wax and wane in their faith, first one way and then the other, first believing and supping on My words, and then lapping at the trough of the world. They go to one extreme or the other, driven by guilt or fear."

"How I understand!"

"But, My Little One, no longer are you on this ride; for you have stepped away from the world to serve Me and your Father and His purposes daily. You listen to Me and My guidance; and you make decisions accordingly. You trust in Me and you trust in your Father. My Child, you have moved past faith into trust. But, I am speaking of the greatest numbers, who do not have faith, trust and hope; and they are tossed around as a ship without anchor or rudder."

"My Child, I am your rudder and I am your anchor to God, our Father. When any of you do not have Me as your anchor and your rock, you become lost in the word games of Lucifer; and his illusion quickly overtakes your mind, body, soul and spirit."

"My Little Ones, listen to me. I am warning all to get grounded in Me and My Word and to walk the straight and narrow. Come away from the worldly trough; for it is full of dung. It will poison you entirely and make you sick. It will blacken your soul; and I am especially speaking of the elements of the media. My Little Ones, the media is a tool of mass mind control. These avenues, even the telephone lines and the various microwave towers, now put out mind control messages. These are picked up by satellites and bounced around the world. These mind control messages are then picked up by implants, which are now in the bodies of hundreds of thousands, yea millions of unsuspecting people around the world."

"Many of you are assaulted through mind control messages, which are coming over the telephone into your homes. You are being programmed to be vessels for Lucifer, even though many of you clearly love Me and your Father; and you seek to serve Me."

"My Little Ones, be aware. Be wise. When you hear words come into your mind, which you know are not yours, realize that you are very probably being assaulted by Lucifer, either through thought transfer by demons, or through electronic impulses coming into your body, which are being picked up by implant or implants. (And yes, My Little One, disembodied spirits may also seek to influence you through thought transfer.)"

"Many of you, who are implanted with these devices, have no clue. Look for a round scar, or scars on your body, particularly on the arms and legs. These scars are the results of tissue samples, which have been taken through various abductions. These tissue samples have allowed the Luciferians to keep very detailed genetic records on each of you and to study any changes in your physical status over time."

"In their unlawful works, many of you have been hoarded up and used as human incubators for the creations of their illegal offspring, who are half-breeds. Men have been used for sperm; and women have been used to carry these half-breeds for months, without your knowledge. Then, you have been taken back to their crafts, where the fetus has been removed and grown to term under lab conditions. They have kept the ones, whom they consider to be the 'coldest' or to have the least human personality attributes; and they have destroyed the ones, whom the consider to be the weakest."

"These half-breeds have been created to act as buffers between the Luciferians and the humans. Many of you will be deceived by this race. They are among you in the hundreds of thousands; and Lucifer is about to unleash them to procreate among you. They are all taught that they are superior to humans and that you must be done away with; and all are implanted with mind-control devices and kept in line through the same. Force and violence are rendered against them for the slightest rebellion against orders, even unto a swift death."

"Some of them are already committing mass murders among you; and you have no clue. They are heartless; this means no conscience. But, My Little Ones, you must not fear Lucifer or his creations. Fear no one, save the Lord, your God, walking humbly in obedience to Him; and when you need His miraculous power, you will have it. When you need His armies of angels to protect you, you will have them also. But, I am telling you: 'You shall not have this power and presence of our Father, if you desert Him. For, when you desert your Lord and God, you become bait for Lucifer."

"My Little Ones, how much solace do you get from a cheap time, from another drunk; or, from another controlling movie? How much safety do these provide you? Do they sustain you? Or, do they leave you empty, always seeking, but never finding fulfillment?"

"My Little Ones, listen to Me. I am calling you away from these devices of the world. I know the power of illusion; and I know all the tricks of Lucifer. My Beloved Children, he wants your soul. He wants you to wind up in the pits of hell, or in outer darkness, lost and gone forever. Is a cheap thrill worth this? Is it? I ask you, 'Is a cheap thrill worth the loss of your soul?'"

"My Beloved Ones, we are at the twelfth hour. No longer do we look for this hour at some distant point. It is now! You have come to this very hour! Will you continue to go from hither to yon, looking for another thrill under this dark stone, or that?"

"My Little Ones, stop this senseless waste of your lives! Open up your heart to Me. Hear Me! See Me! I am knocking at the very door of your heart! Let Me in! I will heal your hurts and wounds; and I will show you the way home. I will guide you when all seems hopeless; for I am the hope of the world"

"My Beloved Ones, I am your connection to your Father. Know this! Cling to Me; and I will not forsake you. I will stand by you when all desert you. Step out in faith and walk with Me. Forsake the worldly now; for you have so little time before all is turned asunder. When Y2K hits, you will see one catastrophe after the other until the USA is torn asunder by war, famine, plagues and disasters. My Little Ones, the hour is late; and terrible catastrophes are at hand."

"Come to Me! I beg you, My Cherished Ones, come to Me! Receive of My love; for I would not have one of you lost! I would not have one of you sucked in by Lucifer's wiles or controlled by his implants. My Little Ones, wake up! I say, "Wake up!" For, you stand on the precipice of great and horrible changes!"

"My Lord, I feel so weakened as I write this. It seems that my soul is quivering for the great sorrow I feel for others. This sorrow comes upon me like a great wave; and I feel that I shall drown beneath it."

"My Child, you are overtaken; as you sense the weight of the sins of the world; but do not despair, My Child; for I carry this weight."

"Oh, My Lord, this weight is so great that I feel that I shall faint."

"Faint not, My Child and be at peace. For, you can only so do much; and others must awaken to their destiny. They choose the world and die within its dark illusions; or they choose My Way, which is your Father's Way. If they choose, My Way, they walk the straight and narrow; and for this, they receive your Father's blessings; and in the end, His glory and bounty forever."

"My Lord, this seems like an easy choice; but I know how hard it is to pull away from the snares and clutches of the world, especially the addictions. Lucifer is strangling the life force out of many through sickness, all manner of diseases, and many kinds of oppressions. My heart feels broken for so many!"

"My Little One, this is known, but your Father has blessed you to receive more of His power, that you be able to break these Luciferian holds on the Sincere of Heart. My Little One, some time back I told you that you would receive power to break the holds of these implants; and it is so."

"My Lord, just two weeks ago, you made me see how the Luciferians called a person through the telephone and exerted mind control over this person through the telephone, even though it was a hang-up call. After this call, I saw the behavior of this person change drastically, from jovial to tense and angry. You made me see a demon behind this man; and it had a tail like an alligator, and it stood on feet like a person. It had short arms and had a hood-shaped thing around its head; and it had a nose, which reminded me of a short snout of a dog. It was the color of orange-yellow fire. This person began to pray and prayed a very angry prayer; but at the time of the prayer, you had not made me see this thing yet. It was not until after the prayer that you showed me this whole sequence of events. Then, you showed me the positions of various implants in this person's body."

"Yes, My Child, this is so. This one is also My Child, and I have great love for him; as he has unwittingly been a subject of mind control for some time because he came up against some of the illuminati, whom he angered. He has fought this mind control, but he has often lost, giving way to fits of anger and rebellion. My Little One, I would not have a single one of you under this slavery! I would have all of you free; as this has been and is your Father's will!"

"But, My Lord, what about these, who carry out mind control suggestions? Are they accountable?"

"My Child, they are to some degree. But, many are weak and lost and they will be given other chances. However, I say to you, My Child, that your most recent prayers for the destruction of these devices world-wide have been heard; and many of these implants shall be destroyed by your Father sooner, rather than later; and their great hall of records shall go up in flames."

"Praises to you, Precious Lord, and to our Father is the glory."

"Now, My Little One, go this day in peace and let all be the wiser. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of September, 1999,
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus. Blessed are you, My Little One; for you love your brethren as I have instructed; but be wise, My Child, that you only let those into your inner circle, who also love your Father. For, you have been warned about the rebellious."

"My Lord, I love some, who are rebellious; but every time we let them into our home, we have to deal with all manner of demons and foul behaviors."

"This, you have seen."

"So, do as Paul warned, steer clear of them; and do not invite them into your inner circle. But, I have commanded you to love all."

"I understand, My Lord."

"Yet, My Child, you must reach out to them with the truth. You must do what you can to bring them back to God; but do not get sucked into their manipulative schemes. When you are dealing with them, know that they will pull their tricks, so do not be fooled; for, I have warned you. Neither take their insults personally; for out of the mouths of the lost come such things. So, guard yourself. For, Lucifer uses them to attack those, who seek to do right."

"My Little One, you have received a letter from one, who professes to be "gay", and this one wants to know what I say about the same. "My Little One, I shall bring you to the top of My Holy Mountain, so that you may receive My Word in clarity."

"Yes, My Lord, I soar high above this Mountain on the wings of Your Spirit. This Wind gently blows my robe; and higher and higher, I go until the air is pure, and I see a brilliant light before me. Emerging from within this light is You, My Lord, in all Your radiance. Oh, how I love You!"

"My Little One, I know you are concerned, as a certain apostle is gathering My apostles, but is excluding My women apostles. Worry not about this, My Child; for in time I shall correct him. Do you remember how you have been shaped and molded by Me. And, how some of the things, which you most vehemently believed, have been altered, or changed completely?"

"Yes, My Lord, like being so sure that we would be invaded on December 12, 1998. But, hearing you say that I was seeing a probability after I spent so many sleepless nights, was a relief and a shock! When you told me that it would be delayed, I was oh so relieved, but also felt foolish, like Jonah."

"Yes, My Little One, but this also taught you a lesson in humility. Did it not?"

"This is for sure!"

"Then, this shall also happen with this fellow, who is gathering only my male apostles and declaring that there are no women apostles. I shall make him see that he is clinging to self-will; and is not hearing Me; as he has already made up his mind."

"My Lord, was I clinging to self-will?"

"My Little One, you saw what I caused you to see, for the probability of war was very real; however, you did not know you were seeing a probability until I told you so. When I told you that the war would be delayed, and this some few weeks before Dec. 12, 1998, you heard Me and posted this."

"Well, I would have learned a big lesson if I had not."

"This is correct, My Child. So, through others, such as yourself, I am speaking to this apostle about women apostles, but he does not accept it. However, in time he shall be made to accept it. So, worry not about this; but be at peace."

"My Lord, I am."

"Now, My Child, sit within My holy light and write as I say about My position regarding homosexuals."

"Yes, My Lord."

"My Child, do you see a table before you?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Open the top of it and read what you see."

"My Lord, it says, 'Those, who call themselves homosexuals are Children of God, who have gone astray; and as such fall under the control of Lucifer in various ways. In addition, they fall under a vast, worldwide, homosexual covering, which includes unbridled lust, anger and rebellion, guilt, depression and various obsessions of the mind. This dark covering or cloud is alive and is teaming with various kinds of demons and disembodied spirits. Those, who are beneath this cloud, have no clue as to its presence. But, they are affected by it in one way or the other; for it is a building life force; and its intent is toward destruction of one's soul. This dark life force has a tendency to push the individual into unbridled lust. It closes in on the individual, and the one so consumed has no clue."

"My Lord, I had no idea."

"My Child, have you not seen such clouds, or coverings?"

"Yes, My Lord, but never one so large."

"My Child, this cloud feeds on itself; and is building at an alarming rate, much like a hurricane. It wishes to consume all; as the life force behind it has this mindset."


"Yes, indeed! I said, 'mindset.'"

"How can anyone ever break free on their own?"

"My Child, this is no easy measure; but you broke free of the alcoholic mindset. It has the same kind of dark cloud."

"I feel really ignorant!"

"Yes, My Little One; and it is wise to remember this; for unless I reveal the hidden nature of these things to you, you shall not know. So, I say, 'How did you get out of the alcoholic cloud?"

"My Lord, I was lost and miserable! You had carried me up the stairway of light, where the power of God was absolutely awesome; and I began to see so many things, which were totally overwhelming. But, I could not break loose of this alcoholic hold, in spite of everything You showed me."

"What did you have to realize before you were ready to change?"

"I had to realize that I was powerless over alcohol, that it was much bigger than me. It had a life force of its own to the extent that my car would veer into the parking lots of liquor stores, even though I had promised myself over and over that I would not drink. Over and over, I broke promises to myself that I would not drink."

"Then, My Child, you now know that homosexuals are up against this same kind of mind force; and many of them are also alcoholics and drug addicts."

"My Lord, as you know we have had first hand experience in working with some gays, who were dying of aids."

"But, at that time you did not have this knowledge."

"No, My Lord, we did not. I will never forget one, who was so ill and dying of this terrible disease. He was bed-ridden, but to our amazement he still obsessed about other men, who came into the room. All the time, I was thinking, 'How could he possibly be interested in sex?' He was so very ill and died within very few weeks. I just couldn't understand it."

"Well, have you heard of alcoholics wanting alcohol on their deathbeds? Or, cigarette addicts wanting cigarettes when they were dying of emphysema?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"My Child, you are seeing all of these things taking place under vast networks of mind control. This collective force of many minds is fed by the collective force of many demons and disembodied spirits."

"Tell me more."

"My Little One, you are thinking, 'what is the answer?' But, I ask, 'What helped you?'"

"God helped me."


"Changing my ways, and forgiveness."

"But, was it easy?"

"No, My Lord, it was very hard. I thought about alcohol a lot; and still my eyes turned toward every liquor store for months; but I begged more and more to be free of this thing. I filled my time with AA meetings and with studying the AA Book and with learning about how others stayed clean and sober."


"And, I prayed, and prayed and prayed for the help of God in all things and that His will be done in my simple life. Also, I took the least stressful job I could find, so that I could focus on my recovery. Those were some very lean years; but by the grace of our Loving God, I have now been sober for over ten years.

"But, you had a thirst and a hunger to change because you realized how lost you were."


"But, My Little One, most homosexuals believe that black is white and white is black."

"In other words, they believe a lie and do not wish to change."

"This is so."

"So, many are so caught up in this lie and totally sucked in by it."

"They are, so long as they reject the truth about their choices."

"So, first they must be like I was. They must realize that they are powerless over this mass mindset."


"Then, they need to find a group, which is founded on the 12-Step Program."

"My Child, the 12-Step Program has brought many millions back from the brink of destruction. Bit by bit, this program helps the lost to clean up their lives and to develop a new mindset, which is God-based."

"So, My Lord, it does not matter why or how people become homosexual?'"

"It does not, just as it does not matter how or why people become alcoholics. People are always looking for genetic reasons, or societal reasons, or family reasons, or whatever; but, My Little One, these are escape valves. They are reasons to continue on in aberrant behavior. What does matter is recognizing that one is powerless over this disease process and wanting to change with all of one's heart."

"You said, 'disease?'"

"I did; for this aberration is a sickness of mind, body, emotion and spirit over which the individual has become powerless."

"I understand."

"But, My Child, those, who are so lost, need to understand that they can and will be delivered when they discipline themselves to change; and the 12-Step Program offers a way toward this change. They need to recognize that, even as you were lost, they are also lost. And, as you have been destitute, crying yourself to night after night, so are many of them. But, as you were brought out of the ditches of despair and darkness, they can and will when they come to rely on their Lord and God. My Little One, these are not a happy lot, but are full of fear, uncertainties, self-loathing and so on. You know the picture."

"Yes, My Lord; for I have walked it; and am free only because of your love and grace."

"So, My Little One, I have not sent you to condemn a soul but to make them see the errors of their ways, that they may have a deep desire to change. For, as I have brought you into My full circle of love and power, so I will do for all lost souls, if they only seek Me. Just as you were tried and tested over and over and hounded by Lucifer's demons day and night, so will others be when they try to break loose of this vast mindset. But, when any of you are so attacked, you must discipline yourselves more and more to receive your Father's love and mercy. To all homosexuals, I say, 'Make the decision to walk the straight way …My Way … and never turn back.' I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of September, 1999,
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus. Yea, it is known that you have questions; but first I shall carry you to new heights on My Holy Mountain, that you may partake of My glory."

"Oh, yes, My Lord, there is such radiance; and I feel the power of Your glory. Standing within this circle of power high up on Your Mountain, I feel so small and weak."

"Yes, My Little One, you are small and weak; but through Me, you are strong. Now, My Child, sit and receive of My word."

"Yes, My Lord."

"My Child, you have wondered about homosexuals and why they could not be delivered straightaway by Me and through the miraculous power of God. My Child, any, who are delivered, are delivered by Me through the power of God."

"Yes, My Lord, but the 12-Step Program does not teach about You, but God; and many get confused about who God is."

"My child, all are confused about who God is; for none have seen Him, save Me."

"But, many in the 12-Step Program do not know You."

"This is so, My Child; but they honor the Lord's prayer; and these words are Mine. I would that all know Me and honor Me; for I am the key to your salvation; but our Father is the reason for My being, same as you."

"My Little One, it is true that I am your key to salvation; but you can come to me through many ways; and one of these ways is through the 12-Step Program."

"So, you are saying that the 12-Step Program is a stepping stone to God, our Father, and then to You."

"It works for many."

"But, many in the 12-Step Program never step a foot into any church or group of worship."

"This, I know; but it is better than being lost to mind control."

"What you are saying is that the 12-Step Program opens a door to God; but to know the Word of God, all must dig deeper, like study the Bible and fast and pray."

"Isn't this what you have done?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"My Child, your spiritual lives are journeys into the deepness of the Word of God. You can scratch the surface, or you can dig deep; but you must start somewhere. The churches are full of people, who are really lost; and who could benefit from the 12-Step Program! This program leads people to God, to forgiveness, to repentance, and to a life, which is based on truth. It also helps the lost to unravel their convoluted personalities, which are always based on lies, guilt and manipulation. This is a work, My child; and for the addicted and lost, it is a very large work."

"My Lord, I am beginning to understand Your point."

"Now, My Child, you ask about miraculous deliverance of "gays." Yes, this has been done through Me and will always be done; but only so long as those, who seek it, are sincere; and want to be free with all their hearts. They must be broken of spirit, humble, willing to change, and willing to walk the straight and narrow. Then, My Child, this deliverance can be accomplished. Even so, they will benefit from a support group a loving, Godly people, who accept and love them. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"This is why the 12-Step Program works, because there are those within the group, who have been delivered and who can help guide those, who are just beginning to desire a new way of life, which is the Straight Way. Now, My Child, we have more to talk about today as regards the USA and events, which are at your front door."

"Yes, My Lord, so much is about to happen."

"My Child, governments around the world are gearing up for martial law; but nowhere is this any more pronounced that in the USA. Your Government is prepared to unleash its military on you, the innocent populace, but not just your own military. The UN is not far in the wings."

"This problem about WACO has been revealed at this time to escalate anti-government hate, to stir up extremists, so that they can be picked up under martial law. Yes, you will see martial law, which will manifest to varying degrees, in different parts of your country. My Child, when the Y2K hits, you will see problems with banking, with Wall Street, with financial houses, with schools, with transportation of food, with shortages of oil and gas and with emergency equipment and communications, to name a few. In the first three months of the year 2000, you will have power shortages and water shortages in various parts of the country. I say, 'Watch out for induced epidemics in some of the larger cities. Hospitals will be overrun from some of these induced epidemics; and there will be medicine shortages to some degree."

"The jet contrails, which many of you have been seeing, have been test runs for causing illnesses, with the subsequent monitoring of them through hospital records and insurance claims. This past year, many of you have been inflicted with all manner of bacteria, viruses and fungal agents, not to mention chemical agents; and you have seen a rash of upper respiratory problems, especially in populations already weakened by poor immune systems."

"My Child, I am showing you visions of this martial law in your streets, with your own military detaining and locking up many of you for no cause, save suspicion. Your empty prisons are about to get a trial run for greater things."

"My Lord, as you show me these soldiers posted all about the streets and roads, I am also seeing military tanks."

"Yes, My Child, you are correct; and your militia groups shall rise up against much of this. You are about to experience the greatest inner turmoil in the USA since the civil war; and your media is now baiting the unsuspecting. My Child, this is all part of the plan to cause the uprising, so as to haul many dissidents into prison. The Luciferians, who are running the government of the USA, are looking for reasons. Also, My Child, realize that CLINTON DOES NOT PLAN TO LEAVE OFFICE. I say that CLINTON DOES NOT PLAN TO DO SO."

"My Lord, at one time our Father said that we would not make it through this year without war in this country."

"My Child, the rest of His sentence is this. You will not make it through this year without an invasion of the USA if the USA confronts China militarily or gets involved in any kind of military scenario with her. At this very moment, China and Russia are finalizing their plans to attack the USA; but remember, My Child, that their plans coincide with the plans of the New World Order, the United Nations elite. It is coming down, My Child; so count your days! Your invasion is imminent; but realize also that your own government plans to bring in martial law to take out as many of the dissidents as possible. Watch this come to pass."

"And, look at the grocery shelves before you in the vision. Many of them are empty because of problems transporting food. Those, who have not heeded My Words about preparation for hard times, shall find themselves with little or nothing. Listen up! For, the wolf (of hunger) is looking through your very windows and is breathing on its panes."

"My Lord, is it true that the federal government has ordered millions of body bags?"

"They have; for they know of the war, which will soon hit the USA. The Luciferians have planned for this a very long time."

"My Lord, you have said in the past that there would come a time when the people would call upon you and you would be slow in hearing, that all had better wake up and come back to You; for the time to do so is running out! Two days ago, I read an article by the prophet and apostle, David Terrell; and he is saying that people had better come back into Your fold because Your period of grace is running out!"

"I have spoken it; and I would have you print this article after I finish here."

"Also, My Lord, the divide, which I see between the sheep and goats, or between the righteous and rebellious, has turned into a great mountainous chasm and the distance between them, which was not so great is now a huge and deep divide. These two groups are almost completely separated, save a small piece of land, which connects them. Does this refer to what you have spoken through David Terrell?"

"It does."

"My Child, My period of grace is indeed running out! All had better wake up to their own stewardship and get My Word out to all; for there is little time. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of September, 1999,
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        My Cherished Brothers and Sisters, two days ago, a friend called and told me that Prophet David Terrell was coming to Memphis to preach, but that she was not sure of the date; so I got on the net looking to see if he had a page. What I found was an unofficial page. Through this page, we were able to find his schedule in Memphis and made the very last meeting.
        I was most interested to hear a preacher from Waco get up and tell about a dream of ascending a mountain with Brother Terrell, and how this mountain went straight up. He said that this mountain was so steep that he thought the truck they were riding in would turn over backwards. And when they came to the top of the mountain, it opened up and revealed the glory of God. Praise you, Jesus!
        We witnessed a great outpouring of souls! People are hungry for the word; and they know that we are about to face severe and grave changes.
        If David Terrell comes into your area, go and be a part of his meetings. You will be glad you did. The following information is taken from this page; and it is quite lengthy, but you will find it informative. In this article, you will read that David Terrell believes that our Lord will close this dispensation of the gentiles, or this dispensation of grace before the year 2000. I am not sure of the date of this article. Click on The Dispensation of the Gentiles to read his message.

        Precious Brothers and Sisters, having read the above, I pray that you are all the wiser. I pray that you have a renewed thirst and hunger for what our Lord has to offer and that you will get His word out to any and all, who will listen. Our time is so short and there is so very much work to do.
        If you have not ordered Book V, you are encouraged to do so; for you will find its messages informative and heartwarming.

        Jesus is our Only Way,
        Linda and Dennis

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