A Message For You


September 16, 2001


"Grave Warnings to the Leadership of the Land and to the People!"

"My Beloved Child, pick up the pen and write; for I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. I have a message for you this day that the people may know and understand that greater judgements are coming upon this land; yea, judgements, much greater than what you have seen in Washington DC and New York City. Yea, these are at your door! For, you, as a people, have loved evil, and evil has been given dominion over you. You have turned from Me and you have embraced the world and what is in it; yea, you have loved this world. And, the ruler of the worldly has been given power over you!

This world is headed into a dark cyclone! A torrent of darkness is upon this world and those, who do not know My Son, who do not have His light, shall be swept away, as in a flood!

Yes, My Child, just this morning, I caused you to see in part, why your own government has sponsored these terrorist acts. Did you not see an array of the latest weaponry, which is in the arsenal of the USA? Did you not see many pictures (on the internet) and do you not now see fingers, which are itching, to try the same? Do you not understand that those, who rule this land, also make the weapons of mass destruction? Yea, those in power, are itching for a war; and the blind shall surely follow the blind. The deaf shall surely follow the deaf. The lovers of sensation shall seek the sensational; but I tell you, My Child; and hear Me well, … this war, which is in the works, is a farce upon the backs of the unsuspecting. It is a joke among the leadership; for they do their 'high-fives,' and conduct their fake polls to measure the success of their lies and schemes.

Have I not told you that Satan, the Devil, is the author of all lies? Have I not warned you over and over about believing what is shown on the mind-control box, which is called, 'television.' Have I not told you to cut it off, to shut it down, even to get rid of this box, which is a tool of mass mind control? Yea, you have been warned over and over; but even some of my prophets refuse to accept My words. Even some of My Chosen say, 'Well, He did not say this to me!' Yea, I have told you; and I have said it through the mouths of My prophets; yet so many of you have selective hearing. You have selective seeing. You have selective learning; for you see what you want to see. You hear what you want to hear and you believe what you want to believe. You search the scriptures to find words, which agree with your preconceived notions; and you cut and paste to build your own case. You seek witnesses, who back up what you believe, so that you will be justified in your lies. Yea, I tell you that you are under judgement and you know it not. You have no peace and you know it not. You flit from one thing to another in life, as you do on your television, and you know it not. Yea, you are a proud lot! You are an arrogant lot! You are full of self, yet you claim love for Me. Why does peace evade you? Why does hope seem to slip through your fingers? Why do you find yourselves repeating the same failures over and over again? Yea, you will not listen1 You rely on the arm of the flesh to sustain you. You rely on others and will not rely upon Me. Over and over again, you rely on the world. Yea, over and over again you rely on people and you will not wait upon Me. When you find your cupboards empty and prison once again at your door, will you be angry with Me? Will you blame Me for your own selfishness? Will you blame Me because you are in bondage to the devil and cannot get free?

Yea, I say to you, 'If you do not wish to be in bondage to the devil, do not sup with him. Do not taste of his food. Do not drink from his polluted waters.' For, if you will not hear My words, and if you will not give up the traps of this world, you will fall prisoner to them. Yea, many are called, but few are chosen. Be advised that I will not choose those for higher works, who will not give up the works of the devil. I will not choose those, who rely on the arm of the flesh. I will not choose those, who will not wait in faith and patience for Me to move in their lives. Yea, all are tried and tested and the time of the sorting is at hand. Yea, many will miss their higher callings; for they will not give up the devil's programming. They will not give up his programming and they have allowed their family members to fall into the same. Therefore, I will put these back under the bondage of the devil where they will stay until they hear My words.

Yea, none of you is free; no not one, so long as you make a diet of the worldly. None of you is free, so long as you rely on the arm of the flesh, no not one! This is wake-up call! Will you not hear My words? I will not have Mine, especially My Chosen Servants, fed by the world. I will not have you to rely on the arm of the flesh; and if you will not hear Me, if you will not come away from the devil and his traps willingly, I will give Him dominion over you. One by one, you will hear Me. One by one, you will obey Me, or you shall fall and you shall wonder why the devil has such power over you! This day, I decree again that I am against mind-control television! I am against the perverted movie business! I am against the whores in congress and around this country, who run this land! This day, I doubly judge television. I doubly judge the movie industry and I triply judge those, who choose these and other bought and sold whore avenues to be fed.

I am the Source of Living Waters and I sent My Son into this world as a harbinger of Life. If you will not turn wholly to My Son as this Source of Life and rely upon Him as your Savior and not an evil world governmental system, you shall fall in part or wholly to the wiles of this blasphemous government.

Yea, a war is at hand and this is a great war, which will not be quenched, once it is started. This war will touch every country on this Earth, in one way or the other before it is finished. This war is a harbinger of great death and destruction and it is founded upon lies and deception. I tell you now that you, as a nation, will lose! You will lose life and you will lose property! You will lose in great and mighty ways and so will George W Bush. He will lose his life! I have warned him over and over to come out of the New World Order. I have warned him to walk the Straight Way, or he shall perish; but alas he puts on a fine show. He mouths words to placate Me and My people; but he rushes headlong into destruction. George Herbert Walker Bush, you will soon die and the vultures will pick your soul! George W. Bush, your days grow short; for you are a liar! You are a thief! You are a manipulator of My people; but you do not manipulate Me. I am not mocked! I am not deceived! Yea, I shall clean your plow! Not only, will I clean your plow, but I shall utterly destroy it. I shall turn you over to Satan totally and he shall give you power for a while; but your fate will be that of your Father. Yea, just as surely as you start this New World Order war, you shall not live. You shall seal your own fate!

I am judging the House of Rockefeller. Two of them shall soon die strange and unusual deaths. Yea, two of them shall go the way of the grave; and the burning fires of hell shall receive their evil souls!

From North to South, from East to West, I am judging this land! Will you repent? Will you fast and pray for the salvation of your soul and for the preservation of this land? Will you help My Anointed to save souls, or will you perish in your greed, in your pride and in your arrogance? Yea, just as surely as this war starts, millions, yea even billions will perish before it ends. Are you ready to perish in your sin? For, if you are, hell will rise up to meet you! This is a day of decision. What will you choose? Will you rely on My Son to save you? Will you rely on Him and upon Me to turn this land around; or will you rush head-long into a war, which you will not win? Will you fast and pray; or will you be pawns in the hand of Lucifer?

I tell you now that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am about to do for My Faithful; but woe to the sinners! Woe to the backsliders! Woe to the workers of evil! Woe to those, who allow television and movies to teach them and to teach their children! You are taught by the devil and you know it not. Do not let words come from your mouth in defense of television; for these words come from the devil, himself. When you defend his tools, you side with him. Choose Me and My Son and choose Life. Choose the world and what is in it and you choose death! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of September, 2001,
Linda Newkirk



Why has it taken this act of terrorism to make people pray? I agree this is only the beginning. GOD HELP US ALL. Blessed Mother protect us.
-- Bernadette


Dearest Bernadette,

For too long, people have lived off the fat of the land. For many years, our Precious Father in Heaven and our Beloved Jesus have pleaded with the people to repent. For years, warnings have gone out to the people and God has extended His mercy; but Cherished One, the people in general have not listened. They have gone on about their worldly concerns and have placed God on a shelf. People in this country have been blessed above all in the world. Oh, how we have been blessed; but alas so few even stop to think what it is like to live in a third world country. So many take all the blessings for granted and never even stop to think from whence they come. Now, in comes the New World Order with all its deception and they fully intend to bring about more carnage through many wars and great depravation.

If the people will not come back to God willingly, many will come back when they lose all they have. I can tell you that this country is about to be devastated economically; and this is why they are planning to start a terrible war. They are parading their new war machines on the net and showing the world the real reason for this terrorism.

Yes, my Beloved One, it is a great shame that this land must go through this kind of suffering before people will wake up, but if they will not wake up, repent and come back to God, I can tell you truly that we have seen nothing yet!

Precious One, call upon the name of Jesus; for I can tell you that He is the Way and He is the Only Way. It is by the blood of The Lamb that we are all saved and each of us must pass by Him to get into Heaven. I have walked the Great Divide, which goes across the great abyss, step by step, and have walked this alone before God, as if walking on a steel cable. Each step of the way, it was our Lord Jesus, who stood before me and guided me. Each step of the way it was our Beloved Jesus, who encouraged me. It was He, who met me with open arms when I finally made it across and into Heaven. To Jesus, we owe our salvation; for He is the Only Begotten Son of God, who was given to us by the Most High God Jehovah as a sacrifice for our sins. It is Jesus and Jesus, alone, who saves us from eternal damnation for it is He, who shed His blood on the cross for each of us.

Pray to our Father in the name of our Lord Jesus, the name above all names. Read and study the Bible so that the word of God will be sowed in your soul; for each of us sorely needs for this word to be sowed in our souls. The devil knows the word of God backwards and forwards. He is a legalist. Therefore, you and I need to know and understand the word of God; for there is great power in His Holy Word.




Is the end times beginning? will this event of the world actually lead to the one world power?
-- Joseph

Dear Joseph,

The New World Order is on the rise and the antichrist machine is well oiled and ready to run. As I have read on several different occasions, the seat #666 in the European Union sits vacant, while all those around are fully occupied. They are gearing up to bring the whole world down and under dominion of the Antichrist.

You ask, "Are the end times beginning?"

We are living out the Book of Revelation and many know it not. Are we in the last 3 1/2 years? No, not yet, but make no mistake about it, we are headed into the worst times to ever hit this planet.

I beg and plead with you as I have been begging and pleading for years. Put God first in your life and love Him with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might and with all your mind! Then, truly love others, even as you love yourself. Selfishness and greed are strangling God's people; for the selfish and greedy cannot love!

Jesus is our way to salvation and He is our Only Way. We must prepare ourselves for the return of our Lord; for He will surely return for His Loved Ones and many will not make it; for they are putting off until tomorrow what must be done today. People must repent or perish!

Remember that God loves us more than we can ever imagine; for He gave His Only Son, that you and I might have Life. What a great and mighty gift He has given us! Would you sacrifice your son so that others might live?

Jesus is the Way; and He is the Only Way,




September 12, 2001
Beloved and Cherished Brothers and Sisters, I began working on this update a number of days ago and have received as well six chapters of Book Seven, which are being typed, and will be posted soon. When you read the message from the Most High God Jehovah, which was given on September 05, 2001 you will see how He showed an impending judgement upon this land, upon the finances of this land; and a judgement upon the congress and upon the leadership of this country. What He has warned of so very long is upon the land! What we are experiencing with this massive destruction of the trade towers and the Pentagon is only a sample of what is coming this way; for if the people will not repent and come back to God this land will be utterly devastated. The USA will bear the ruins of war from coast to coast, from North to South, and from East to West.

God will not be mocked, but this is exactly what so many have done! As He has extended His mercy because of the cries of the angels, the saints and His Loved Ones, many have turned the other way, ignoring His pleas over and over again; for in their minds the war did not come and it is not going to come!

Many times, I have wept because of the gross rebellion of this land! Many times, I have wept because of the cruelty of some of you, who believe that you know it all. Many times, I have felt such great sorrow that so many of you could and would not understand that we have first a God of great love and mercy and that He has been pleading with the people of this land, watching and waiting for the people to repent. But, alas so few have; and even many, who have repented have gone back whoring after this world and what is in it! I have warned you through these messages that the time of the sorting of souls has begun, the sheep on one hand and the goats on the other, the wheat on one side and the tares on the other. Yes, indeed, this is a major wake-up call for this land; for if the people will not get down on their knees and weep and repent before God, they will perish en mass.

Our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven have always said that the righteous will suffer along with the unrighteous! Do you not believe that when the gas prices go through the roof and martial law hits this land and many people are hungry and without work, that the righteous will also suffer along with those, who are full of sin and rebellion? How can anyone, who loves the Most High God with their all and who serves Him with all they have, not suffer when they look out and see massive destruction and depravity? I tell you that we have truly seen nothing yet; but rest assured that what has come to pass has been allowed by the Most High God Jehovah.

Yes, indeed many will mock and scorn the words of the prophets until destruction hits their homes! Many will turn a deaf ear and a blind eye just as long as massive destruction does not effect them or their livelihoods! Just yesterday, I was in Wal-Mart with some friends and I asked the clerk at the checkout counter what she thought about this massive destruction. What she said to me was: "I feel numb all over." When I asked her if she knows Jesus, she looked the other way and said, "Yes." Knowing that she was full of lies, I asked her if she was "backsliding." And, even to this, she replied "no." Then, I told her that many souls went to hell today and few went to Heaven. Then, she opened her mouth and said that there are "other ways," which are okay.

I tell you, right then I knew in my heart that this young woman was lost in the rebellion! I knew with all my heart that she was deep in sin, cut off from the Spirit of God and headed straight for hell if she would not repent. I knew that I was talking with someone, who was not only lost, but who wanted to be lost! I also knew that I need not spend another breath on this one; for she did not want to hear a single word I said!

Woe to the workers of darkness, … to those, who depend upon the "other ways" to save them. Woe to the workers of rebellion and iniquity; for if they will not repent fully and come back to God, living His commands and doing His will, they shall all taste the fires of hell! Woe to the pretenders, who say, "I know Jesus," when they do not! Woe to those, who sit in the churches and cry "Lord, Lord," and then go out and live it up! Woe to those, who are full of lies and hypocrisy; for theirs is the Bottomless Pit!

I ask you, "How could anyone know our Lord Jesus and look away and say that there are 'other ways?'" Beloved, there is one Way and only one Way and this Way is Jesus Christ. There is One Way to salvation and this Way is our Beloved Jesus. There is one Way into Heaven and this Way is our Beloved Jesus. I tell you right now that if you want to make it into Heaven and if you want to be at the Marriage Supper of The Lamb, you had better get a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus. I tell you right now that if you do not want to be left behind when He comes, you have better get your heart right with Jesus. You had better clean up your spiritual life and you had better get acquainted with the ten commandments and the commandments of love and you had better start living them in your daily life. I warn you not to put off until tomorrow what you should have done today. This major destruction which happened in this country yesterday, is not the end! It is only the beginning of major terrorism and destruction in this land.

Do not go back to sleep, believing that this destruction will not hit you and your home!. Do not go back to sleep believing that this kind of destruction will not come to your neighborhood; for in due season the effects of this destruction and the destruction to come, will hit every part of this land. No one, and I repeat "no one" will come out unscathed. Just yesterday, the gas stations were full of vehicles, with people in near panic because of rumors that gas had already reached $3.00 a gallon in Little Rock.

When you read the second message below, which our Father gave on September 05, 2001, you will see that our Father spoke of long lines of parked 18 wheelers. Were they parked because of strikes connected with exorbitant gas prices; or were they parked because they could not get gas? I do not know; for sure; for it may have been one or both reasons. You will also read that I our Father talked of airplanes falling out of the sky, of impending judgement upon this land.. You will also see that he pronounced judgement upon the stock market and upon the congress of the USA.

Beloved Ones, get ready; for the violence, which you saw yesterday, will only escalate. Never again will this country be the safe haven, which it has been in the past. For, surely the power mongers, who instigated this destruction will use this set-up to start a war elsewhere. Will the Arabs be scapegoats? Did the power mongers create this great devastation as a way of giving themselves permission to go and take what they want in the Mideast? How many hidden agendas do the followers of Satan have? In case you have forgotten a previous mention of this information on this site, go to http//www.skolnicksreport.com and search out Mr. Skolnicks revelations regarding shared bank accounts between the Rockefellers and Bin Lauden. You think it impossible that the unproclaimed monarchy of this land would want to destroy it? Read on!


Message from our Father in Heaven

September 11, 2001

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah Most High God. Proceed to write, even as I say, that the people might receive from Me. Behold the number eleven, which is given at the top of this prophecy, yea the number, which is cherished in the occult practices of the Luciferians. Yes, My Child, place this prophecy ahead of the last prophecy on "A Message for You" that the people may read, that those with the eyes to see may see, that those with the ears to hear may hear! For, these two prophecies are related!

"Yea, in My words below, wherein I told you to take the rod to the stock market and to the congress of the USA, I wanted you to see and know in advance that I am judging the finances of this land! I am judging the leadership of this land! The devil and his hoards know that I put the power in the rod, which is in your hand; and they know that I have orchestrated this judgement on this soil, which has been carried out by the very Luciferians, who carried out the Oklahoma bombing. These are the very same ones, who carried out the bombings of the embassies in Africa. Yea, these are the very same ones, namely the Rockefeller whores and their allies, who no longer count the USA as worthy to survive; for they are hell-bent towards the New World Order. But, remember, My Child, that I allow the New World Order to rise for a season, all to test and try, to humble My Faithful, and to make them ready for their heavenly rewards. Yea, I allow the old system to crumble and fall; for I am bringing into the Earth a new system through My Son. Yea, I am tearing down the old, the rotten and the putrid; for I am bringing in My glory. Yea, I warn all to take note, to observe what has happened today! I warn all , who trust in the riches and the fat of this land to behold; for what you see today is meant for the whole of this land! Yea, I warn each of you to get your spiritual houses in order and to get ready for the Coming of My Son; for He will come when you expect it least. Truly, here and there, one or two will be taken and the rest will be left standing. Yea, a grave warning is going out across this land to all, who trust in their riches, or in their self-sufficiency to sustain them! I tell you now that today many souls went to hell! Today, they cry out in anguish from the bowels of hell for water! They cry out for forgiveness, but it is too late! They cry out for another chance; but it is too late. They have missed the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! They have missed their heavenly inheritance because they trusted in the arm of the flesh. Yea, this day the bowels of hell opened up and took many; but few, very few made their way into Heaven. I tell you now that you do not know how long you have! Today could be your last day! Did those, who died today, think that it would be their last? Nay! They did not! For, even unto the end many partied! Many loved the world and what was in it and at their death, the Lord of this dark world, the devil, himself, was ready to claim his prey.

"Are you devil bait? Are you? If you will not live My commands, you are! Just as surely as the sun rises, you will end up in hell if you will not obey my commands! Will you stay in hell forever? Some will! Will you ever get out of hell? Only I know this answer! But, I can tell you this. The blood of the Lamb is not lost on those in hell! The blood of the Lamb will not forsake those in hell! Even My Son visited them in Hell; and as you see in Zechariah 9:11, some of them are loosed. (This is the reference, which our Father speaks of. Zech. 9:11 As for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water.) But, I tell you now that only I know which ones and only I know how long you must anguish in suffering and in agony in a desolate place, wherein there is no water! I tell you that you do not want to go to hell!

"Those of you, who live for this world are devil bait. Are you ready for the consequences of being devil bait? Nay, I say, 'You are not!' You are not ready; for how can you be ready for a torture, which is so great and so awful that it defies human description. Nay, you are not ready for hell and neither are the masses ready for Heaven!

"This calamity is a wake-up call. It is a wake-up call for those, who slumber. It is a wake-up call for the greedy. It is a wake-up call for the leadership of this country. It is a wake-up call for the fat and greedy whores in congress! Yea, it is a wake-up call for those, who will not lift a finger to help My struggling prophets! It is a wake-up call for those, who take and take and take; but will not give! Yea, it is a wake-up call for all, even and especially the rich!

"I say to you, My Child, take the rod and hit the right arm of the Rockefeller family seven times!"

"My Father, I take the rod and I hit the right arm of the Rockefeller Family high up in the shoulder seven times; and the arm breaks off and falls into myriad pieces. And, just as suddenly I see the remnant pieces of this arm become as dust in the wind and they blow away."

"Now, My Child, I say to you, take the rod and hit the left leg of the Rockefeller empire at the knee; and hit it there seven times!"

"My Father, I take the rod and I hit the Rockefeller empire in the left leg at the knee one, two, three, four, five, six seven times. And, as always, when the rod hits, great white fire explosions take place in the Spirit. My Father, I see that the leg buckles at the knee immediately. Then, suddenly the whole leg begins to twist and as it twists, all the clothing disappears readily from the leg revealing not bone, but steel instead of bone. And, this steel twists as a piece of twisted licorice candy until the leg disconnects quickly from the hip joint, which is also made of steel; and this piece of twisted steel bursts into smoke and flames and is gone."

"Now, My Child, take this rod and hit the Rockefeller head seven times."

"My Father, I take this rod and I hit the Rockefeller head seven times and the head begins to splinter off and break as if is made of soft, yet brittle wood; and in place of the head, there remain brittle wooden stubble, which are hollowed out in the center as if leaving a nest. And, at the instant that I say, 'nest,' I see the black raven with the silver rings on its toes; and it is standing on first one foot and then the other. (For more about this black raven see the latest prophecies of Book Seven.) The raven looks at me with his black eyes and says, 'I am a wise, old bird, yea a trick, a whore am I; but My plumes on My tail are fresh. They are all here! Neither a dot nor a tittle do I miss! A whore, a goat, a whore am I! Oh, yes a fanciful whore!"

The bird begins to hop, first on one foot and then the other, with its tail feathers stretched out like a peacock. Then, as it were, a whirlwind hits the raven in the rear end and this wind sucks the feathers out of the raven's rear end, leaving only three tail feathers. On the feathers are the words:1. Standard Oil is still here! 2. Corrupt banking and fraud is still here! 3. Stinking, rotten, dope trade, body parts, terrorism and theft, these are all here!

Then, the bird turns to see that it is bald in the rear and the bird gasps and says, "A whore am I, a coward, a whore! How can I stand in a land where My arm is gone? My legs are gone! My head is exposed! "

Then, I see the Rockefeller body turn and on the rear end of this body, I see the words, "As of this day, the Rockefellers are burned and they are burned badly!"

"And, so it is, My Child, go in peace this day, knowing that those, who are mighty in this world, shall one day be as dust in the wind. I am your Father in Heaven"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of September, 2001
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Read the following message with fear and trembling! As you read it, you will see how our Father warned On September 05, 2001 of impending judgement! Take note of His grave warnings! For, just as this disaster occurred, others will occur; and just as this disaster took place with such swiftness, one day soon our Beloved Jesus will come back for His Beloved and it will happen just as quickly. Live for Him, or you will rue your fate!


Message from our Father in Heaven
September 05, 2001

"Beloved and Cherished Child of Mine, hearken unto Me this day; for I have words of meaning to pronounce to My People. My Child, you know that I am a jealous God, that you are to have no gods before Me. But, I say to you, look around and you will see that the world over people have made idols of vanity. They have made idols of perversion. They have made idols of hate! They have made idols of lust. They have made idols of blame and shame. They have made idols of endless chatter. They have made idols of news and print. They have made idols of broken heartedness. They have made idols of work. They have made idols of learning. They have made idols of comedy and play. They have made idols of sin and rebellion. They have made idols of witchcraft and on and on. What I am saying is that people the world over have made many things their gods and these gods have separated My people from Me, the Creator. My Child, I tell you that I am a jealous God. I tell you that I am a God of love and a God of patience; but I am also a God of destruction. I am a God of vengeance. I am a God of control; for when a world gets out of control, it is I, who puts on the dampers. It is I, who quenches the uncontrollable and destructive fires of man. It is I, who will bring order out of chaos; and I tell you that I am weary with the chaos on this Earth. I am weary with the rebellion on this Earth. I am weary with the excuses made by so many of you, excuses which are nothing but dust in the wind, excuses, which you conjure up to keep going on in sin and rebellion. Yes, it is I, who gives you every breath; and it is I, who has given you a body. It is I, who has given you the intelligence to work and make a living; and it is I, who at any moment can take all that you have. It is I, who stands beside you when you have no one else. It is I, who hears your prayers and who makes the impossible possible. It is I, who knows your every move and who attends to your every need even when you have no clue. Yes, It is I, yes Jehovah, Most High God, who hears your every cry and who attends even those, who have not a single clue; and I tell you now that it is I, who judges even when you expect it least.

I tell you now and be advised that I speak the truth. I am ashamed of the greed on this planet. I am ashamed of the unbridled lust on this planet. I am ashamed that so many of you know My name; but you do not know Me; and you do not know My Son, Yeshua. Yes, I am ashamed of your fox-hole prayers! I am ashamed that when you need me or when you need my servants you have no qualms about asking, but when I ask you to do a certain thing, you do not carry through. When I ask you to repent and come clean before Me, you do not even hear. When I ask you to help with my works through My anointed servants you do not even hear. You read what you want to read and you understand what you want to understand, but when I ask you to do things you take it as an arbitrary decision.

I am telling you, My Cherished Ones, that I am deeply ashamed of the masses. I am deeply ashamed of the way you take and take and take, but you are willing to give so little. Woe to the selfish and woe to the hypocrites. Woe to those, who cry out for truth, but you do not want to live truth. Woe to those, who take freely of what is given you, but you dare not give back.

I have promised you a season longer without a great judgement upon this land. Yea, I have promised to hold back this war for a season; but I have not promised to hold back other kinds of judgement. I have not promised to hold back personal judgement upon the masses. I have not promised to hold back judgement of the finances of this land; for you have lived lavishly. You have lived selfishly! You have lived for self and when you have been asked to help my anointed servants, who labor with a love for you and for your salvation, you do not help. You look upon my pleas with blind eyes and I tell you that all, who have looked upon My pleas to help with blind eyes and have listened with deaf ears, yea when you come to me, I shall also look upon you with blind eyes and I shall listen to your pleas with deaf ears. Yea, this is truly a time of the sorting and my judgement is falling upon a proud and stiff-necked people. My judgement is falling upon a greedy people. My judgement is falling up an errant and haughty people. Yea, my judgement is falling upon a rebellious people; so be forewarned!

I am about to hit the finances of the USA. I am about to hit the factories and I am about hit the farms. I am going to cripple the economy of this land in a great way; and woe to the greedy. Woe to the proud and to the stiff-necked. Woe to the tale bearers and to the false accuses. For, this day the rod of judgement falls on the stock market. This day, the rod of judgement falls on the congress of the USA, a gathering of many whores. This day, my judgement falls upon the trucking industry of the USA; for I shall cause a traffic jam of trucks to push and pull at one another the length of this land. I shall cause trains to stop for weeks and I shall cause airplanes to fall unexpectedly from the sky. I shall cause many signs in the Heavens to fall all over the USA and on other parts of the world; for through these signs you will see and know that the wrath of God is stirred. You will know that My anger is kindled. You will know that what you see is not only a warning, but is a harbinger of much greater things to come. You will see the assassin strike to kill a man of great power. You will see the assassin strike not once but twice in quick succession. Yea, you will know that mine anger is kindled against a proud, arrogant, and stiff-necked people, a people, who are caught up in their own prideful ways; and you will know that the God of Abraham and Isaac is still the God of All Creation, yea the Most High God, Jehovah, the One God. You will know that my judgement is upon this land; for you shall hear more and more of pestilence and plagues.

Yes, I am warning the greedy to get off their so-called "stashes of money" and help My people in My works; or I shall move in and take every dime. I shall move in and take your homes and your vehicles. I shall move in and I shall wreck your comfortable lifestyles and I shall leave you with little or nothing in your pockets. Yes, it is true that those, who have the least often give the most, but I tell you this day that they have their rewards in Heaven. Now is the time that you will come forth and help mine anointed with these works and you will help other of mine anointed with the works, which I have given them to do, or I shall cause a great and mighty fire to hit your finances; and this is not a fire, which will bless you. This is a fire, which will curse you; for this is the holy fire, which is from my throne.

I tell you this day, My Child, take the rod of power, which I have given you and hit the stock market of the USA seven times"

"My Father, I am taking this rod of power and I am doing as you say!"

"Now, I say to you, My Child, take this rod of power and hit this website seven times!"

"My Father, I have taken this rod of power and I have hit http//www.prophecies.org seven times."

"Very well, My Child, take this rod of power of hit the congress of the USA seven times!"

"My Father, I have taken this rod of power and I have hit the congress of the USA seven times!"

"Very well, My Child, you have done as I have asked and as of this day you will see changes in all. As of this day, you will see my handiwork go forth and bear fruit, not once but seven times over and above what you expect.

"Father, what do you mean?"

"This day, the stock market will begin to show the effects of my judgement! This day, those who see a need through this website, and are able to help and do not, will reap my judgement upon them not once but seven times greater than what they believe. Conversely, those, who see a need and help with a need will be blessed seven times more than they could ever believe. But, be warned! Those, who refuse to see and refuse to hear, will also find that I will refuse to see them and hear their cries before Me. What people do not understand and what they had best come to understand is that this is a new day for My Anointed. This is a new day wherein I have given you much power and authority in My Kingdom. What I have spoken to you in Book Seven about your being one of the Seven Thunders is a mighty word from Me and it is truth. What I give you bears much power and you have received the mantle of the Seven Thunders. Woe to those, who turn a deaf ear once they have received truths from this site; for they will be judged mightily. But, conversely when one receives truths from this site and acts accordingly such a one is in line to receive the Seven Thunders blessings. So, each will decide if he or she wants the blessings or the cursings.

"I tell you, My Child, that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am about to do through many of Mine anointed. Great and powerful works are coming forth through My Chosen Ones! Woe to the unbelievers and to those, who will not repent when you see and know that truth; for you will be doubly judged. You will either choose to do what you know to be right and you will turn from your rebellion or you shall perish in rebellion. I say to each of you, you have been given a reprieve from a devastating war; and many of you have already gone back to sleep; but be warned. For, when you expect it least, judgement will come knocking at your door. Are you ready for My judgement? Are you ready to bear Mine anger? Are you ready to reap what you have sown; for none of you knows how many hours, days or weeks that you have left. None of you knows how long you have! None of you knows at what hour the death knell will toll for you! None of you knows! Only I know and I have extended My hand of mercy to a proud and stiff-necked generation, but I am not holding my judgement totally. So, I say you, 'Get ready; for you know not when I shall require your life. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God!"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of September, 2001
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Porn addicts, God loves you! I am begging for your soul! Give up porn! You don't want what hell has!

Beloved Ones, I know that many of you continue to struggle with porn addiction, even some of you, who have written for prayer. I know that many of you have tried to give up porn, but that you are not able to resist the goadings of the demons. I know that no matter where you go and no matter what you do, you are still hounded by the porn films and pictures in your mind. But, Beloved I will not give up on you! God will not give up on you! Jesus is not going to give up on you! Believe me when I tell you that I have fasted and prayed for those, who have written; but Beloved Ones, you must do your part. You must resist the devil and He will surely flee, just as the Apostle James says in James 4:7. "Submit yourselves, therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." And, also James 1:13-15. "Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth He any man. But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin; and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death." Oh, Precious Child of God, do not let porn send you to hell! Please, I am begging you! Repent, while you still have time; for none of us knows when a given day will be our last!

Under the anointing from the Most High God I have been given this porn addicts prayer. If you have a problem with porn, print this prayer and say it often. Carry it with you everywhere and make extra copies to pass out to others, who are struggling with porn addiction. You will never beat an addiction of your own will; for all addictions are demon fed. All addictions are bigger than any addict and no addict can overcome an addiction without the help of God; for addicts surely are up against powers and principalities of darkness. The chains of addictions cut deep into one's soul; and only God can remove these chains. But, Cherished Ones, even after these chains are removed by God, the addict must fight with all his or her might to stay free. You must pray often and fast often. To stay free, you must spend time reading the Holy Scriptures that the written word might be buried deep within you souls. Porn addicts must resist the devil over and over again, just one second at a time, one minute at a time, one hour at a time until one day is up. Then, give thanks for each day of freedom. If you fail, do not beat yourself. Do not hate yourself, but just ask God anew to forgive you and get ever more serious about resisting porn. Say this prayer with all your heart as many times a day as you have temptation. Do not give in! Dig in your heels and be determined to resist the devil; and surely he will flee. You are in a fight for your very soul. Do not lose this fight; for those, who go against God's laws and commit sexual offenses, which go against God's word will surely go to hell. Fornicators, adulterers, pornographers, homosexuals and other sexual deviants, beware!


Porn addict's Prayer

"Precious Father in Heaven and Beloved Jesus, I have sinned! Oh, Beloved Lord Jesus, I have grievously sinned! I am like a person without a home, like a citizen without a country. My hands bear darkness and my soul is full of putrid and stinky filth. Beloved Jesus, I know that you came for sinners like me. You said that if a shepherd had 100 sheep and one became lost that he would leave the 99 and go after the one, which was lost. My Precious and Loving Lord Jesus, I am the one, who is lost. My Lord, I fight this terrible addiction night and day and I feel the burden of this great darkness upon my soul. The demons from hell torment me and they goad me into doing things, which I know to be detestable. Each time that I give in I feel like a rotten piece of meat. I feel dirty and defiled and these sins just keep piling up on me. They just keep building and building and I just keep on adding to the dirty baggage. Precious Lord Jesus and Beloved Father in Heaven, hear my heartfelt cries this day; for I am a sinner. I am lost and this burden is so great at times that I feel that there is just no hope. My Lord Jesus, I know that what I do is wrong. I know that it is an abomination to you and to our Father, but I confess before you that this burden is too great for me. This burden is more than I can possibly handle. Precious Jesus, forgive me! Take this horrible burden from me and set me free! Beloved Lord Jesus, you said that you came not for the righteous, but for the sinners. Please hear my cries before you, for I am a broken soul. Deliver me this day and give me the strength, which I need to fight this battle from minute to minute, from hour to hour, each day that I live. Precious Jesus, heal my memories and instead of damnable porn images, my Lord bring to my mind beautiful thoughts of You and of our Precious Father. Bathe my thoughts in the blood of the Lamb. Purify them that I may know your peace! I beg you, My Precious Jesus, to wipe my slate clean of this horrible porn addiction and keep me free from henceforth and evermore, just one day at a tine, that I, even I a terrible sinner, might be used to bring lost souls into Your kingdom. My Precious Jesus, this day I beg you to set me free and to keep me free that I may live with you in Heaven and not taste of the fires of hell. Please hear my cries and please set me free! Do for me what I cannot possibly do for myself! Have mercy upon my soul and set me free!"

Get on your knees before our Lord and God and weep! Beg His forgiveness for this terrible sin! Read this prayer and with all your heart, mean every word. Weep and howl for this grievous sin and weep until you cannot weep anymore!

But, if you will not weep before our Beloved Jesus, and if you will not get in touch with the seriousness of this sin and what you have done to offend God, you are going to have a very rough time in staying free. Say this prayer morning, noon, and night and all through the day when thoughts of temptation arise. Weep as long as you need to weep until you know that our Lord and God has indeed heard your prayer and that He is doing for you what you cannot possibly do for yourself! He is setting you free, one minute, one hour, one day at a time! Resist the devil and He will surely flee, but resist him, you must! You cannot resist him of your own flesh! Only through the power of God will you have the strength to fight the devil; for he will surely return over and over again! Be not discouraged, but have hope; for hope surely bears faith and faith is the harbinger of great miracles.

This day, copy this prayer and take it with you wherever you go. Repeat it often. Give a copy to others, who are struggling with this terrible addiction. Make copies and sent them out to the porn sites, if you feel so led, that others may be helped. Above all, do not give up on yourself. (End of prayer.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beloved Ones, remember God's commands. Remember how God wants us to live. Remember the examples of our Beloved Jesus. Remember! For, this land is falling by the way because people will not obey God's commands. Refer to God's commands in your Bible often and copy them and put them round about, throughout all your possessions and even on the gate posts of your house as Moses warns the people to do. Precious Ones, I do not know how much destruction we can spare ourselves from; but I do know that if the people do not return to the commandments of God, this land shall perish sooner, rather than later, and the destruction will be complete! Therefore, please read the following and make a new determination in your life to obey these commands. Re-commit your life to God this day and without fail!


Read them with new eyes and hear them with new ears. Discern them with a new heart! Today, recommit your life to God!

Deuteronomy:6:6-21 I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.
Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.
Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the Earth.
Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me. And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love Me and keep My commandments.
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord the God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain.
Keep the sabbath day to sanctify it, as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee. Six days thou shalt labor, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thine ox, nor thine ass, nor any of thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates; that thy manservant and thy maidservant may rest as well as thou. And remember that thou was a servant in the land of Egypt, and that the Lord thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm: therefore the Lord thy God commanded thee to keep the sabbath day.
Honor thy Father and thy Mother, as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
Thy shalt not kill.
Neither shalt thou commit adultery.
Neither shalt thou steal.
Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbor's wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbor's house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbors.


Deuteronomy 6:4-10 Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.
And, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.
And, these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart.
And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down and when thou risest up.
And, thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.
And, thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates.


Matthew 22:37-40 And Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love thee Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
This is the first and great commandment.
And, the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
On these two commandments hang all the law of the prophets.


Beloved Ones, I ask you, "How could we go against the commands of God, as given through Moses, if we truly love God?" Surely, God's love within us would not allow us to break these commandments if we loved God, as we are commanded to do. And, we could not possibly set out to consciously harm our brethren if we were full of the love of God!

I hope and pray that these commands have made a new impact upon your life as you have read them anew; and I pray that even from this moment on, that you will live with a new purpose unto God. I pray that you will rededicate your life to God and to living within the will of God and within His laws; for each of us can make a great difference in this land. Just one person at a time, we can restore righteousness to this land, but it must begin with each of us; and it must begin now! For, just as surely as any of us puts off for another day what must be done today, we risk failure. Beloved, there is no time left to do tomorrow what must be done today; for judgement, great judgement is upon this land! Will you do your part? If you will not repent and come clean before God with a new purpose unto him, having a willing heart to obey God and to do your part to help save this land, I can only say to you, "May God have mercy on your soul!"

Jesus is our Precious Life and He is our Only Way home,
Dennis and Linda

PS: More chapters of Book Seven to be posted very soon. Stay in touch!

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