A Message For You

     September 24, 2000


"Time for another Dog-wag.."

Our Beloved Brothers and Sisters, get ready! The world is heating up for one big blow-out! The divisions between the haves and the have-nots are growing and absolute greed is plowing ahead on every front in a cyclone-like fashion. The people the world over are tired and weary of the underhanded means of the oppressive and many protest loudly. On the heals of the blasphemous United Nations meetings, we see the world full of great unrest and gearing up for war on many fronts; but this time I fear that the involvement of the USA in foreign wars shall not turn out well for America. Our Lord warns in one of His proceeding messages that another Clinton dog-wag will not turn out like he believes. On every front we see unrest and the dark bubble of oppression about to burst.

One can hide the sun for only so long, and only to a very small degree by, trying to cover it up with his hand. Bill Clinton has tried to hide the seriousness of his sins with the slight of his hand for many years now. But, now his pot is about to boil over; and it is one stinky pot. The smell of rotten Satanism and hoodoo voodoo, which is coming out of the white house is about to boil over into a grand world crisis.

People, the troops will be coming for the guns soon. Foreign troops and undercover foreign infiltrates are all over this country. They are working with local police and some of them are hiding behind ski masks! Chinese are hiding behind fake store fronts and fake businesses and I, for one, have been aware of this for a long time. The USA has been infiltrated by foreign forces through a cowardly traitor named Bill Clinton and his secret society whores; and they are bent on making Satanism and communism the breakfast, lunch and dinner of the world. Brace yourself, for you are about to be hit by the ride or your life and this ride will indeed claim the lives of many; but be mindful that it does not claim your soul.

Cherished Ones, most churches are in deep trouble! The attitude that anything goes and "let us live as we please and still profess God" is about to smashed with an iron hammer and our Father is allowing this because of the gross rebellion. The time of the sorting has begun and the utter arrogance of so many in so many churches is about to come to an end. Many wag their tongues and cry, "God, God;" but their hearts are far from Him. Just as the Pharisees of old, these same ones quote scripture ad-nauseum, yet they have little or no respect for God's chosen servants.

So often, I have warned you to get your spiritual houses in order, to repent of your wrongs and to come to our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven with a penitent heart, confessing your sins and turning from the same. I have warned you over and over that time is running out and that there will come a time when, if you have not come back to God, it will be so extremely hard for you to find your way back because of all the chaos, which is at hand. Well, Cherished Ones, this time is at hand; and when you read the warnings of our Lord Jesus, you will see that we are at the very door. The clock has indeed struck 12:00 and there will be no turning back from much which is at hand.

On the 25th of August, we were in a neighboring city praying with a small group of people. Our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven spoke to me that night and said, "Soon, the people will shed rivers of tears for America. They will weep and they will howl for their losses." "Weep for America," our Father said. "Weep! For, great and terrible things are at the door." Then, our Lord Jesus said that within the next six months, look for five great catastrophes to come about in the world." At that time, I did not ask Him what these catastrophes were, but in a subsequent message, I did ask; and He told me these things. You will read of them below. At that same meeting, I did indeed weep for America; for I had a vision of foreign soldiers travelling the road just outside this building and I could detect three concentration camps, which were very near. I wept, as I knew that this vision was so close that I could almost reach out and touch it. I knew in my spirit that what I was seeing was just around the corner and I knew that the time of the mercy of God for an errant people is coming to an end.

How long will the proud and haughty shine in all their arrogance? How long will the rebellious bask in their rebellion? How long will the secret societies continue to cover up and hide their wrongs before God? "How long, Father in Heaven? How long?" On the backs of the righteous, the rebellious gather, like the hounds from hell; rabid and ready to devour those, who want to do right. Like sharks, which infest swirling waters, the wicked gather to devour those, who love God and wish to do that which is good and beautiful. True Godliness has been replaced on every front with a kind of godliness, which has been fashioned after Lucifer himself. These same ones brag and cavort of the miracles they see; and they are too blind to see that they are only seeing a reflection of the real thing, a trick by Lucifer. They are too blind to see that there is no light in what they do, only flowery words and cheap thrills.


Over the last ten years, or so, many have been called to prophecy; and some of them have received from God, only to fall alongside the way. Of those, who have been called, few have been chosen for great authority and power from God. Through great trials, all have been tested and the insincere and lukewarm have been swept away. Those, whose foundations sat on shifting foundations, have been carried down the broad way. Prophetic callings have been taken from some and given to others. Even at this late hour, I am aware of some being called to prophecy. It is never to late for our God to do a work; and He is always on time.

Those, who received various spiritual gifts after their prophetic callings have seen these gifts grow as they have been faithful; but those spiritual gifts, which have been planted in shallow ground, have withered on the vine, fallen off and dried up. The trials through the fires continue on and some are emerging from great fires to receive great power and authority. They have come out of these great fires and have been found worthy by our Lord and God. These have been Chosen for greater things. They will do great spiritual works, like the works of Elijah or Moses. Truly, many have been called but few have been chosen. Of those, who have been chosen, all have learned to put their faith and trust and faith in our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven for all things; and they are now reaping great and marvelous miracles. They understand why they have walked this lonely walk and they know why this has been necessary. Through these great fires, they have been purged, broken and healed of many weaknesses. They have been truly washed and cleansed in the blood of the lamb. Cherished Ones, reach out and help God's faithful servants and you will be blessed.




"My Precious Little One, I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of this Earth and Redeemer of My Beloved. My Child, fear not the time, neither the hour, nor the day; for as I have told you previous, the hour of 12:00 midnight has struck and the hands move quickly now to the hour of My return. But, as you know, Child, evil rears its ugly head on every side; and the woman of world Satanism, the United Nations whore system, is pregnant with its brand of peace through the sword."

"The days of thunderous calamities and high treason have roared into the Earth, and even now in the face of such adversity, so many sleep on. But, I tell you, My Child, and let the wise be warned, "The time of great tragedies" knocks on the door of the USA. It knocks on the doors of Russia, of China and Australia. It knocks on the doors of Europe and Scandinavia and it knocks on the doors of Canada and small countries in and around Asia; and it also knocks on the doors of many small island countries. Great and terrible is the destruction, which is at hand. A great fire shall sweep Mexico and earthquakes shall rip South America asunder, while Africa escalates into a ruinous heap of desolation and death."

"Weep, My Children! Weep for the Earth; for it shall be downtrodden and desolate. It shall lie barren and uninhabitable. Places of beauty shall lie spoiled and uninhabitable. The birds of the field and the animals, large and small, shall suffer and die from the intense heat and drought."

"Many of you believe that you suffer now because of scarce water and drought. Many of you believe that you suffer because of heat. But, I tell you that temperatures to 125 degrees F. shall not be uncommon in much of the world. Beautiful green pastures shall be turned into brown and barren wastelands; for our Father withholds the rain. He has cursed the rivers and he is drying up many lakes and streams; for the stench of rebellion and apathy have reached his nostrils and he is sickened and angered by the degree of lust, by the degree of self-sufficiency, by the degree of witchcraft and idolatry. He is angered by the great amount of lying and stealing and by the murders of innocent children; and he has ordered absolute destruction of many of the fertile plains and fruited orchards. Woe to the lands of the wicked! Woe to the lands of the rebellious; for the followers of evil have been made to believe a lie! They have been put in subjection to Lucifer and they have been made ready for the slaughter; for they are fat with iniquity."

"Come out from among them, My Children. Come out from among the rebellious, the prideful, the haughty and from among the workers of iniquity. Separate yourselves from the liars, from the thieves, from the adulterers, from the fornicators and from the covetous. For, just as surely as you partake with them, you will partake of their sorrows. Just as surely as you open up your home to them, you will feel the sting of their rebellion. Listen to Me and obey Me; for I say to Mine, 'Come out of the world. Walk the Straight Way and stumble not in the darkness through lack of faith. For, faith is your key to freedom. Faith is your symbol of honor towards Me and towards your Father. For without faith, you shall perish in fear.' And, I tell you now that the greatest numbers shall perish in fear; and fear shall carry them into hell. Fear shall carry them into the abyss; for it shall cause them to stumble, to fall, and to lose their way."

"My Little Ones, the foolish rock on in security. The foolish cry that all is well. The foolish watch television and believe what is therein. The foolish are self-sufficient, lost in good times and in the love of idols. Yea, the foolish are at the helm of the world. The foolish trail in behind Lucifer and believe his schemes. They lie. They covet and they fall for all manner of lies. For the truth is not in them. They know not the truth, neither do they care for the truth; for they love a lie. They are careless with their souls; for they do not understand their own mortality. Neither do they understand their gift of life. They walk in darkness and are but zombies, lifting themselves up in every prideful thing. Yea, the foolish are pushing in on every front, but now I tell you, My Children, that the fools are leading the fools and they are following one another straight into hell."

"Weep, My Children! Weep! Howl for what is upon you! For, great and terrible are the tragedies, which are at hand."

"My Lord, you speak of tragedies. Which ones do you mean?"

"My Child, I mean: 1. Great war and destruction. The invasion of the USA by foreign forces has been in process for several years. The pieces of the Satanic UN puzzle are in place. The nuclear attack is looming, My Child. It is so close that you could almost reach out and touch it. Be aware that many millions will die; But, it is not just the USA, which will suffer. For, the whole world will suffer beneath the weight of this war, which shall move from country to country, and from continent to continent, devouring all in its path. 2. Famine, My Child, a great famine is at hand. The droughts shall become worse and many fresh water sources around the world shall dry up. 3. And diseases caused by radiation and germ and chemical warfare. These, My Child, shall cause both a rapid and slow and painful loss of life."

"The satanic United Nations shall rise with flowery words and lofty plans, but Lucifer is using it as a tool solely to trick and to enslave the nations. Behind the United Nations is Lucifer, himself; but even now Lucifer is devouring his own tail. Those, whom he has used to set up his kingdom, will be systematically devoured until he reigns with a small group of elect. He trusts no one; yet many have given their souls to him. My Child, the United Nations is damned and it shall not long rise. And, those, who serve its dark agendas shall soon perish."

"So, be apprised, My Children, that great changes are at hand and your time of waiting is come to an end! It is WOE TO AMERICA! WOE! WOE! WOE! For you were a Chosen Apple of God; and now you are an accursed land. Yea, you shall howl for the destruction, which is at hand, But you have been warned. Over and over, I have sent My prophets to warn you; and a few of you have listened. But, even now complacency has set into many of your hearts and you doubt what is at hand. You feel safe in your creeping iniquity; but I warn you, 'Get your spiritual houses in order; and keep them that way; for the time of the sorting has begun!' I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of August, 2000,
Linda Newkirk



Cherished Brothers and Sisters, our Lord gave me the following message before the oil-related protests began in Europe and Scandinavia and before we had ever heard any word of a military build-up in and around Iraq. Already, we see His warnings being fulfilled!


"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus. Blessed are you this day, My Child, and great is your reward in the salvation of My people. For you have braved many storms and you have crossed treacherous waters for the sake of My Loved Ones. But, I tell you, Child, that the storms, which you have weathered are mild tempests and the treacherous waters are but rushing streams when compared to what lies ahead. My Little One, as I showed you in visions this morning, Russia is rising from the state of a beggar to the state of a giant. As I showed you, the knees of this giant are a little wobbly, but they are being strengthened by their movement. The walk of this giant is not stable today, but very soon, this giant shall take huge steps, and it shall walk all over the USA. It shall walk all over China, 'Yes, I said, "China."' For, what is an alliance today is tomorrow great enmity."

"Child, remember when I told you that many world leaders want to run the world, that many want to be in charge. They parade as friends when in fact they are bitter enemies and none of them can be trusted. What kind of trust can be built on a foundation of darkness, on a foundation of betrayal and deceit? My Child, this is no foundation, and when the winds come and the rains come, these shifting sands will crumble and wash away."

"So, I remind you, My Child, that the whole New World Order is built upon shifting sands and even now these sands erode and they are washing out from beneath some of these world leaders. Take Bill Clinton, for instance. My Child, he is ready to make a power grab for a continued spot in the limelight as on-going president. He is ready to declare himself as a great leader of the United Nations and he is ready to utilize a nuclear attack against the USA and the rest of the world, if

need be, just to stay in power. There is nothing he would not do to stay in power. This said, expect another foreign invasion at the expense of the innocent and the ignorant. But, this time, My Child, he shall not gloat in his victory. This time, he shall not wag this dog and come out unscathed. If Bill Clinton rises again to kill and maul the innocent to cover his own sins, or to shine in his own glory, the ax shall fall squarely on Bill Clinton and it shall be sooner, rather than later."

"My Little One, the people need to be warned. Five major catastrophic world events are headed your way within the next six months or less."

"My Lord, would you please tell the people what we are headed for?"

"Yes, My Child, and these may not necessarily occur in this order, but very close."

  1. a foreign war involving US troops;
  2. a financial stampede, a major financial meltdown, which will affect the US economy and also the world economy;
  3. a war over oil;
  4. great inner strife within the USA;
  5. a military attack on the USA.

"My Lord it pains me so to hear this. Are these events set in stone? Can some of these things be changed by prayers of the righteous?"

"My Child, faithful people can change the course of many things. We have a loving and merciful God; but this evil system will rise and as quickly as it rises, it also falls. To some degree, people may alter what is coming; but in the end you will know to what degree this has happened."

"My Lord, does this inner strife within the USA involve the seizing of guns?"

"This will be part, but not all."

"Is it based on financial losses?"

"Part, but not all."

"My Lord, what can the people do?"

"Come back to our Father and serve Him in truth, honor and Spirit."

"My Lord, the concentration camps will soon be filling up. Won't they?"


"My Child, put these two messages out and update the miracles section. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 4th day of September, 2000,
Linda Newkirk


In Closing

As our Lord Jesus has told me to update the miracles page, I have done so. I pray that it is an encouragement to each of you; for we have entered a time like none other in the history of this Earth; and, our Lord and God shall not desert His Faithful. It is indeed a time of great miracles; and the righteous are seeing these miracles. Those, who have been found worthy are seeing their spiritual gifts in full bloom and great and marvelous works are following these faithful servants. For several years, we have seen the emergence of fake miracles coming out of many of the errant churches and these fake miracles have fooled many. For, fools follow after a sign and a miracle, but signs and miracles follow the faithful. It is an awesome time to live and to be a small part of our Lord's work; and every day I humbly thank our Lord and God for allowing us to have even a small part in His work. Daily, I am deeply humbled by the love and mercy of our Lord and God and almost daily, I weep for an errant people, who are rushing head-long off the cliff of adversity.

I know that we are on the verge of great and terrible things, yet I do not fear for myself. However, my heart is heavy for an errant people. My heart aches for the rebellious; for they miss the abundance of heavenly love, peace, beauty and joy. What sorrow I feel; and how helpless I feel to see so many, who are caught up in the world, full of utter wickedness, and wanting not to change.

Cherished Ones, keep on praying. Make prayer your breakfast, your lunch, dinner and nighttime snack, and in-between-meal mainstay. Stay close to God. Confess your sins daily and ask for forgiveness daily. Reach out and love your neighbor. Love your friends and love your enemies. Forgive all of any infraction against you, even as our Lord and God forgives you. Never let a day go by that you do not do these things; for Lucifer is constantly looking for a door, any door, into our lives.

Cut off the mind control television and stay out of the movie houses. These are avenues of utter mind control. They are putting people to sleep; and they are robbing people of their awareness. People the world over are experiencing sensory overload. They are becoming numbed-out and zombied-out through mind control. If you do not come out of the worldly, as our Lord has commanded, you will be consumed by it. You will lose your way spiritually as you are sucked down the Broad Way.

Each of us must fight for our eternal spiritual inheritance. We must each be steadfast in our faith, putting God first in our lives and loving Him with all our hearts, with all our minds, with all our strength and with all our souls. We must put aside foolishness and love one another, even as we love ourselves. We must put aside out differences, realizing that we are all brothers and sisters. We must strive to be at peace with ourselves and with each other and we must walk humbly before God in order to be taught by Him through His Spirit.

Cherished Ones, we face great challenges on every front and we face a war, the likes of which the world has never seen, nor will it ever face such thing again. This war, which is being waged by Lucifer is a war to harvest every soul and to carry every soul straight into hell. He does not intend for a single soul to receive the gift of eternal life; but he is not going to get his way!

If you want eternal life in a land of absolute beauty and joy, you must discipline yourself spiritually. You must love, even your enemies and you must be steadfast in your faith. You must never forget the nature of the war we are all in; for if you forget this, you risk becoming a casualty. Do not be careless with your soul. It is a gift from our Father in Heaven. Cherish what He has so lovingly given you and make a daily determination to glorify God by what you do, say and think.

Remember that no one has ever owned a piece of this Earth. We are all only passing through. So, keep this in perspective and let go of any bondage to the material; for soon it shall all perish. Your material possessions will one day be no more than the ruins of Pompeii and when you leave this sphere, you will carry with you only your good deeds.

Walk in the love of our Lord and God; for He has created you to bear His light and lovingkindness.


Linda and Dennis

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